Touch panel and HMI for industry and production


High Performance Touch Panel from Christ provide technology for real-time image processing Vision Line from Trumpf

"With Christ, we were able to successfully bring our image processing solution into series production in the required quality and quantity. The compact panels with their high-quality manufactured aluminum housings fit perfectly with Trumpf's strong appearance."

says Mr. Thieringer, Head of Software Development at Trumpf Laser, Schramberg.

When the real-time VisionLine machine vision system went into production, Trumpf - the world's leading provider of highly integrated laser manufacturing solutions - switched to Christ's touch panels.

The decisive factors were the know-how and flexibility of the HMI specialist, as well as the robustness and acceptance of the panels in rough industrial use.

The touch panels must perform high-performance computing and ensure real-time image processing. The cooperation between the two companies has been developing for years. In the meantime, all development departments of Trumpf in Germany and Switzerland work together with Christ.

Panels in marking systems

The touch panel PC is used to control cameras in Trumpf marking systems, which can be located directly behind the scanner lens or mounted on the side. With the Autofocus function, the panel calculates the optimum working distance - with an accuracy of between ±50 and ±150 μm. This alone greatly reduces setup times and fixture requirements. "Medical components, for example, can be marked immediately like bulk material - without the need for complex fixtures," shares Mr. Thieringer. The traceability function recognizes the previously applied component code, ensuring that the code is later readable and correct.

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Coperion GmbH

Coperion GmbH is a global leader in compounding and extrusion, feeding and weighing technology, bulk materials handling and related services.

Project description:
The challenge in extruder technology is the size of the systems. In some cases, these are set off over more than 50 meters from the central control cabinet. 
With the SMART Distance Link technology from the house of Christ Electronic Systems GmbH, the operation of these extended plants is guaranteed even over long distances.


  • Guaranteeing the transmission of signals over long distances. 
  • Development of an OEM operating panel with direct machine operation

Special features:

  • Coperion was a beta customer with regard to product development. The company gave Christ the chance to deliver and test the system before it was fully completed.

Technical information:

  • The SMART Distance Link solution is available in the same look both as a surface-mounted solution and as a built-in panel.

Advantages of the solution:

  • The SMART Distance Link unit uses the TCP-IP standard

Advantages of industrial touch panel solutions from Christ

  • Robust construction for use of the panels in harsh industrial environments
  • Planning reliability for machine builders thanks to long-term available components
  • Modular configuration allows great scope for individual solutions
  • OEM solutions as fully customized panel solutions
  • Industrial touch panels are ideally suited for HMI and machine operation

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What you get:

  • Completely closed construction allows easy cleaning, which makes the units suitable for hygienic requirements
  • High ease of use due to touch calibration, make use possible even in harsh environments
  • High protection classes prevent the penetration of dirt and liquids. VESA touch panels are therefore optimally suited for use in industrial applications

Display solutions in the industry for mechanical and plant engineering

Touch panels must withstand special environmental influences, especially in industrial environments. They are often exposed to heat, dust, vibration or moisture. The operating devices must reliably master these challenges. This means that the housing must also meet special requirements. Touch Panels in industry must have a robust and completely closed design, for example to prevent dust from entering or to ensure good cleanability. Industrial touch panels are often used in environments where they come into contact with dust or liquids. To ensure proper operation, the displays must be easy to clean and of course prevent foreign matter from entering the interior of the devices.

Industrial touch panel solutions with multi-touch and glove operation

The standard use of multitouch and gesture control helps to avoid mistakes due to incorrect touch. This makes a major contribution to process optimization and avoidance of production downtime due to operator error. In many industrial plants, gloves are used. Nevertheless, machine operation must be ensured. Operating errors can be reduced by adapting the touch behavior to the gloves used.

Industrial touch screen: Mechanical operating elements and OEM devices

In many machines and systems, mechanical elements such as buttons are required in addition to the touch panel to implement certain functions (e.g. the emergency stop as a standardized function). Here the panel is supplemented by a push-button extension, which can then be configured individually. In order to match the design of the machine or plant, it may happen that the standard versions of the housings do not fit into the existing machine concept or do not correspond to the design draft of a new plant. By designing OEM devices, both design and performance requirements can be tailored even more individually to the respective demands. The machines and systems are usually in use for many years. For this reason, long-term availability of the touch panels and the individual components is particularly important to prevent production downtimes. These cost manufacturing companies a lot of money quickly.

Performance classes of industrial touch panels

Every machine and every plant has different requirements for the HMI. For example, powerful panel PCs or compact thin client solutions can be used. For particularly large systems, signals can be transmitted over long distances with the help of a remote variant. The touch panel monitors can also be used as display solutions on the machines.

Touch panel solutions and digitalization in industry

The demands on machine control systems are becoming increasingly complex. Data from the PLC enable monitoring of the machine status and, if necessary, trigger actions by the machine operator. The real-time availability of data and the networking of individual machines and systems in terms of Industry 4.0 and IIoT solutions is becoming increasingly important. For this reason, the corresponding applications for monitoring and machine control are also becoming more extensive and more demanding.