MES terminal for production control systems

On the way to Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Execution Systems represent an important milestone towards the Smart Factory. Through machine and production data acquisition, the MES makes an important contribution to real-time measurement of production processes. MES represents the link between higher-level ERP solutions and machines and plants in shop floor management. With the help of this continuous data flow, production processes can be optimized and made more efficient. In the end, this saves the manufacturing company cash money.


MES electronic: tough to take

MES terminals must be able to withstand dirt, dust, moisture, shocks or similar environmental influences. No matter whether pointed or sharp objects such as knives in butcher shops or screwdrivers in production are used. Or whether it is a particularly dirty working environment. MES terminals must be able to defy even the most demanding requirements and be operated reliably. Therefore, the use of robust industrial components is particularly important.


Panel variants for MES terminal

Often thin client solutions or even web panels are used. They have the advantage that they can display the MES software via web browser and thus require less power. Alternatively, the MES software can be installed directly on the device with the help of an x86 panel PC. In this case, customer requirements are the most important factor. The VESA housing line with its robust aluminium housing is particularly well suited for use as a MES device. The panel can be used as a desktop device and as a support arm version. Demanding environments often also require a high protection class to prevent damage. Depending on the requirements, protection classes from IP65 to IP69 are possible for Christ MES panels. RFID readers with matching tags are often used for unique identification. In this way, information can be individually adapted and displayed precisely to the user. Alternatively, barcode scanners are also used. The readers and barcode scanners are integrated directly into the housing of the Touch Panels or placed in a position suitable for the application. This way, they can be optimally operated.


MES system - mobile applications

A frequent area of use for MES panels are mobile applications, such as on forklifts or industrial trucks. These must be especially protected against vibrations. Poor and changing light conditions are an everyday challenge here. The Automotive Panel has a highly sensitive light sensor that adjusts the readability of the display to the incidence of light. Moving elements have been completely eliminated. This means that the panel is also ideally equipped for use in the harshest of environments.


Reliable and flexible MES terminal

The technical properties of Christ Panels allow them to be used in a wide variety of production environments. No matter if splash water, dirt or vibrations, a perfectly tuned MES terminal can already be configured in the standard system. Protection classes up to IP69 simplify the flexible and reliable integration into various production and environmental conditions.


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