HMI Touch Panel Solutions

Every industry has its own requirements for machine operation. For this reason, we have developed different housing variants that meet exactly these requirements. We offer touch panels for mounting on support arms or for installation in control cabinets or operating panels. The corresponding performance and technology, whether PC, thin client or a monitor solution, can be adapted to your specifications.

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New Touch Panel Generation Industrial VESA

The Industrial VESA Touch Panel for mounting arm installation. Here you will find all important technical information!

New Touch Panel Generation Industrial VESA Automation

The Industrial VESA Automation HMI Touch Panel with integrated pushbutton bar. Here you will find all important technical information!

New Touch Panel Generation Industrial Front Panel

The Industrial Front Panel for installation in control cabinets or control panels. Here you will find all important technical information!

Open Frame Panel

Industrial Open Frame for planned installation in control cabinets and control panels. Here you will find all important technical information!

Automation Hygienic Touch Panel

Stainless steel Touch Panel for pharmaceutical and food applications. Here you will find all important technical information!

Front Panel Hygienic

Installation Panel for pharmaceutical and food applications. Here you will find all important technical information!

Automotive Touch Panel

Particularly robust touch panel for use in mobile machines. Here you will find all important technical information!

Embedded Kit

Entry-level models consisting of touch, display and CPU. Here you can find all important technical information!

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7 inch Touch Panel

Touch Panel 7 inch

Are you looking for a 7 inch touch panel?

10 inch Touch Panel

Touch Panel 10 inch

Are you looking for a 10 inch touch panel?

12 inch Touch Panel

Touch Panel 12 inch

Are you looking for a 12 inch Touch Panel?

13,3 inch Touch Panel

Touch Panel 13,3 inch

Are you looking for a 13.3 inch Touch Panel?

15 inch Touch Panel

Touch Panel 15 inch

Are you looking for a 15 inch Touch Panel?

19 inch Touch Panel

Touch Panel 19 inch

Are you looking for a 19 inch Touch Panel?

21 inch Touch Panel

Touch Panel 21 inch

Are you looking for a 21 inch Touch Panel?

24 inch Touch Panel

Touch Panel 24 inch

Are you looking for a 24 inch Touch Panel?

Individual touch panel solutions for support arm mounting

You need a support arm solution for your machine operation? Then find out more about our VESA Panel. If you need additional buttons, we recommend the Automation Panel with integrated button bar. If you have to meet special hygienic requirements, we offer you the right solution with the Automation Hygienic Touch Panel.

Touch Panel for installation solutions

Or are you looking for a suitable installation solution for your control cabinet or existing housing concept? This is what our Front Panel or Open Frame devices are designed for. Here too, we can meet special hygienic requirements with the Front Panel Hygienic.

Individuality is the focus

It is particularly important for us to offer our customers individual solutions. Our industrial panels are therefore available in different diagonals and performance classes and even in the standard versions allow for a wide range of variations, even for small series from 1 piece. If required, we can also integrate your company logo in the display of the touch panel. Please contact us for this. If the configuration options are still not sufficient, we will be happy to develop your very special OEM solution together with you.

Scratch resistance and anti-reflection coating with multi-touch functionality

The front glass of our touch panels is particularly scratch-resistant and anti-reflective. Due to the multi-touch functionality, the operation with up to 10 fingers is intuitive and comfortable. This means that all the functions that the machine operator is used to from smartphones and tablets, such as wiping gestures or zoom, can also be performed on the touch panel. To prevent reflections on the display, we also offer our touch panels as an anti glare version. The light is reflected less strongly and thus enables better readability.

Different industries also have different requirements. For example, the panels are often exposed to environments with dust, fats, oils or similar dirt. This is where the multi-touch functionality can reach its limits. In order to ensure error-free operation despite adverse environmental conditions and to prevent faulty touch, we adapt the PCAP (Projected Capacitive Touch) to your needs if necessary. Please inform yourself about our touch calibration.

Especially if water or dirt can get on the display, it is important to adjust the sensitivity of the touch accordingly. Gloves are also used in many industries. Normally the multi-touch operation with gloves is not possible or only with difficulty. By correctly adjusting the voltage field of the capacitive touch, we enable a comfortable operation with complete gesture control, despite the use of gloves.

High quality housing materials for our industrial panels

The housing consists of milled aluminium. Anodizing of the housing makes the surface particularly resistant and particularly suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. The Touch Panels are IP65 protected at the front, which means they can be cleaned easily and withstand even water jets.

Due to our modular HMI construction kit, each housing can be used as monitor, Distance Monitor or panel PC. The housing remains unchanged with all variants. Depending on the expansion stage, there are different interface pictures. Numerous upgrade and add-on products allow you to adapt both performance and interfaces to your requirements. This individualization of the Touch Panel can be done already from quantity 1.

Touch panel industry: versatile applications in numerous industries

Industrial Touch Panels are specially tailored to the various needs of different industries. The requirements for industrial touch panels for mechanical and plant engineering differ fundamentally from those for medical technology. We know the different criteria and address them with our modular device design.

For use in pharmaceutical or food applications, we have developed special Touch Panels made of stainless steel that meet all hygienic requirements. The focus here is on robustness and cleanability. The mechanics are precisely tailored to these requirements. Due to our modularity, the performance can be individually adapted to the respective specifications.

In the automotive sector, we have developed special industrial Touch Panels that can meet the challenges in agricultural and construction machinery. Here, a robust design is required to withstand shocks and vibrations.

Our industrial Touch Panels are also suitable for MES applications. On the way to Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Execution Systems represent an important milestone on the way to the Smart Factory. Through machine and production data acquisition, MES makes an important contribution to the real-time measurement of production processes. MES represents the link between higher-level ERP solutions and machines and plants in store floor management. With the help of this continuous data flow, production processes can be optimized and made more efficient.

Operating systems for Touch Panels

Different applications in machine and plant operation require different operating systems installed on the Touch Panel PCs. The most common operating systems are Windows and Linux. There are different versions for Windows as well as for Linux.

Industrial Touch Panels from Christ support the following software:

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC. This operating system guarantees long-term support (Long Term Servicing Channel).

Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Ubuntu version with long-term support.

If required, the BIOS can also be adapted to the respective requirements.

We offer suitable touch panel solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. The product portfolio includes panels for mounting arm installation as well as for installation in control cabinets and control panels. Depending on the performance requirements, different performance classes can be implemented, from monitors to powerful panel PCs.

By using industrial quality components we offer our customers a high long-term availability of the touch panels and all components. Should components be discontinued, we will find a suitable alternative together.

We will be happy to provide you with sample devices in your configuration for your evaluation. Over a period of 4 weeks you will have the opportunity to perform extensive tests free of charge.

For this purpose, you can conveniently fill out the inquiry form and request a sample device without obligation. A sales colleague will contact you to clarify all technical details and find the most optimal panel for you.

You will then be sent the corresponding touch panel immediately ready for use. This will give you the best possible impression of the quality and performance of our touch panels.

All touch panels from Christ, both standard devices and customer-specific panels, are developed and produced directly at our site in Memmingen. We are characterized by short distances and high flexibility, from which customers benefit in our joint projects.

For a consistently high quality, we perform endurance tests on all touch panels before shipping. Only devices that have passed this test are shipped to our customers.

For each project, you will receive your personal contact person and project manager, who will accompany you throughout the entire project.

If you are looking for a touch panel with your company logo for your integrated CI, you have come to the right place. We will gladly present you the possibility of a logo print on the touch panel.

Our touch panels are optimally suited for use in harsh environments. We use components suitable for industrial use, which are particularly robust, durable and have long-term availability. Thus, your machines and plants can be reliably equipped with our touch panel for many years.

The housing of the touch panel is made of aluminum and is both extremely resistant and easy to clean. The glass of the touch panel can be covered with an additional protective film for extra safety.

In order to offer our customers particularly high flexibility, our portfolio not only includes numerous performance classes, but also extensive display diagonals from 7 to 24 inches. With the introduction of the 13.3 inch display digonal, a continuous Full HD resolution from 13.3 to 24 inches was implemented.