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Touch Panel for Pharma and Food | Christ ES

Touch panel for hygienically demanding applications in Pharmaceuticals and Food

Productions in the pharmaceutical and food sectors in particular have especially high demands on their machinery and equipment. Here, it is particularly important that all relevant hygiene regulations are complied with and that cleaning can be carried out particularly efficiently. These demands also apply to touch panels and HMIs on filling and packaging machines.

Advantages of Touch Panel solutions for Pharma and Food from Christ

  • Robust design for panel use in environments with demanding hygiene conditions
  • Planning reliability due to long-term available components
  • Modular configuration allows wide scope for individual solutions e.g. from our Stainless steel panel or Hygienic front panel
  • OEM solutions as fully customized touch panel solutions for pharmaceutical and food applications
  • Compliance with protection classes up to IP69 allow disinfection and cleaning in hygienic environment

References for Touch Panels in Pharmaceutical and Food applications

Laetus GmbH
Touch Panel Solutions for Packaging Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry

"Christ and Laetus that simply fits." Laetus has been working with Christ Electronic Systems since as early as 2010. Read the Success Story for an insight into the long-standing collaboration and what benefits Laetus sees in this partnership.

"When selecting our development partners, we place great emphasis on ensuring that all machine and software components supplied can be integrated in a GAMP-compliant manner"

says Mr. Zorn, project manager at Laetus.

Operator-friendly track and trace solutions are especially important for reliable pharmaceutical production.

Up to four high-resolution, web-based cameras with integrated high-performance image processing together with a controller inspect the perfectly illuminated inspection objects in a fraction of a second. Find out what tasks Christ's touch panel performs here and what requirements must be met.

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High hygiene requirements for HMI Touch Panels

The panels are either used as mounting arm solutions or integrated into existing housings. With IP69 protection, the touch panels can withstand the use of high-pressure cleaners and harsh cleaning agents. Our touch panel housings are particularly resistant due to the use of stainless steel.

Display  and pharma: gloves in machine operation

Due to demanding hygiene regulations, gloves are often worn during machine operation. In order to ensure smooth operation here, the touch behavior is adapted accordingly.