Reference Report

"Christ and Laetus that just fits" -
Touch panel solutions for packaging control in the pharmaceutical industry



Automation solution for packaging control

Christ Electronic Systems and Laetus

"When selecting our development partners, we attach great importance to the fact that all machine and software components supplied can be integrated in a GAMP-compliant manner"

says Mr. Zorn, project manager at Laetus

User-friendly track-and-trace solutions are particularly important for reliable pharmaceutical production.

Up to four high-resolution, web-based cameras with integrated high-performance image processing, together with a controller, examine the perfectly illuminated test objects in a fraction of a second. Find out what tasks the Christ touch panels perform and what requirements must be met.

Laetus has been working with Christ Electronic Systems since 2010. The success story gives you an insight into the long-term collaboration and the advantages Laetus sees in this partnership.

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