Christ Service Portal - Secure Remote Access and Software Updates Over The Air

With Christ Service Portal you get a secured platform for remote access, status monitoring and rollout tool for software updates OTA in industrial environments.

You can optimally prepare software updates, test them on a small scale and centrally control the rollout via groupings. Through the device status, you always know which image version is installed on the respective panel.

Service cases on machines and systems can be processed efficiently from anywhere. Because with remote access, you can find and rectify faults more quickly. As a result, you reduce downtime.

Scope of services Christ Service Portal:

  • Centralized device management via the Christ Service Portal
  • Software updates over the air
  • Central coordination of software rollouts
  • Simultaneous updates on all touch panels of a defined group
  • Traceability of device updates
  • Complete solution for remote access and remote maintenance
  • Transfer of screen contents via VNC
  • Secure console access via SSH
  • Real-time status display of initialized panels
  • Scalable package solutions
  • SSL encrypted data transmission and data protection according to EU law
  • Dedicated cloud instances hosted in Germany
  • User management in Christ Service Portal with role assignment
  • Scalable package variants for initialized devices and used storage
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Your advantages at a glance:

  • Time saving
  • Cost savings
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase service offerings and expand revenue streams
  • Service technicians can focus on specific challenges
  • Software updates can be scaled individually (individual updates, group updates, updates to all devices)
  • Centralized management of image and application updates
  • Complete solution with server environment and initialization of end devices for Linux operating systems
  • No configuration effort, you can start right away
  • Increased security through regular system updates
Advantages Christ Service Portal

See for yourself - request a test package now:

If you would like to see our Christ Service Portal for yourself, order your personal test package. The package includes time-limited access to the portal in the cloud and a touch panel that you can access remotely. You will also gain insight into the software update function Over The Air.

Increase the efficiency of your service staff

Up to now, updates of images and applications had to be carried out laboriously by service staff and USB sticks on site. With the Christ Service Portal you can drastically reduce this effort. The tool allows you to assign initialized touch panels to groups and to organize software updates efficiently. Tests with a small number of devices ensure that software updates run reliably during a mass roll-out. In the future, you can perform all updates via the Christ Service Portal in a time- and cost-saving manner.

Problem solving made easy

Another use case for the Christ Service Portal are problem cases at the devices on the customer side. The customer contacts your service team with a problem. The technician sets off to visit your customer. Sometimes a lot of time passes until the problem is solved. This not only ties up your personnel capacities, but also means long downtimes at your customer's machine. With the Christ Service Portal, you can drastically shorten the processing time between receipt of the error message and your solution. Via remote access, the technician can connect to the panel from any location and rectify the problem directly.

Remote troubleshooting

Often it is minor errors, such as incorrect configurations, that cause faults on the panel. Sometimes the errors cannot be adequately described on the customer side. Until now, it was precisely these errors that tied up a particularly large amount of capacity. The service technician had to get a picture of the problem on site. This costs a lot of time. In the future, connect directly to the affected panel via remote access via the service portal and process problems particularly efficiently.

Christ Service Portal

Christ Service Portal

Get your test package

Christ Service Portal for remote maintenance and software updates

Order your personal test package now and get to know all the functions of the Christ Service Portal.

If you still have questions about the scope of services or the selectable package variants, we will be happy to get in touch with you.

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Shorter downtimes and faster commissioning

Especially during initial commissioning, configuration errors can become a challenge. This can unnecessarily prolong the start of production. Even if the machine is already in the field, it happens that configurations have to be adjusted. Previously, a service technician had to configure the individual devices on site. With the Service Portal, this can be done remotely in the future to save time. This ensures smooth commissioning and configuration of the machine.

Smooth production processes through coordinated software updates and remote maintenance

To ensure smooth operation of the panels, they must be regularly checked and updated. Here, too, a service technician was previously necessary on site. With the help of remote maintenance, service work can be timed optimally. This shortens machine downtime and disrupts production as little as possible. By efficiently organizing software updates with the help of the Christ Service Portal, you can also reduce downtime on machines and systems.

Increased security through regular updates

The Christ Service Portal also makes it easier for you to perform necessary system updates. This allows you to easily close possible security gaps. With the help of the Christ Service Portal, you can install the provided security patches in a targeted manner. The advantage lies in the good planning and status monitoring of the system updates. In this way, you receive up-to-date system components and a higher security of your overall system.

Expand your service offering

In production, time means cash. With the Service Portal you get a tool to offer your customers more reliability. With the help of remote access and the update function over the air, you can quickly and effectively access the respective panels and update software and applications. The overview of the panels in use in the field shows you the respective status and image version of the device. The mere performance of the machine is often no longer enough to convince. For your competitive advantage, you need additional services and added value that you can pass on to your customers. Use the Christ Service Portal as an additional service offering that provides your customers with clear added value.

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