Medical monitors and touch panels for medical technology


Medical Monitors and Touch Panel PCs

The use of intuitive touch panels has become an integral part of the operating options for medical devices and laboratory equipment. The use of multi-touch and gesture control makes operation ever easier.


Wide range of applications for touch screens in medicine

There are countless areas of application in the most diverse areas of medical technology. Examples would be ventilators, patient monitoring systems or sequencing devices in laboratories, the list could be extended at will.


High individuality of touch panels and medical monitors

Often the customer's requirements are very specific and standard devices can only be used to a certain extent. Together with the customer, we then work out exactly the panel that meets all requirements and fits perfectly to the respective device. In doing so, we take interface adaptations, the use of particularly resistant displays or the construction of individual housing variants into account.


High requirements for touch screens in medicine

Especially in medicine, the devices must meet high demands on hygiene and environmental conditions. To prevent bacterial growth, the medical devices must be easy to clean. The areas of application are also diverse, the screens must be easily readable even in bright light and must be able to withstand vibrations without loss of function in mobile use. In addition, the medical devices must not pose any danger to operators or patients and must meet high safety requirements.

Panels of various sizes are usually used to operate the devices and display diagnostic results. Frequently, the medical technology instruments already have their own housings, so that the panels only have to be built into the housing. Touch panel variants that can be inserted into the recess from the front or rear are particularly suitable for this purpose. Christ offers two housing variants here. One as a front panel or as an open frame variant. With the open frame variant, the advantage is a flat installation without a dirty edge.


Medical monitors for high quality requirements

Considering the current situation with Corona, reliable ventilators have become especially important. Here, a mirror-free, clear display of the patient's breathing situation and the simplest possible operation via a touch panel are central aspects. The panels must function smoothly and also function smoothly after the use of disinfectant for cleaning. 

Not only high-quality diagnostic monitors are among the indispensable medical devices, but also Panel Pcs and Touch Panels are becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, they are used to operate the devices, and on the other hand, they are a display medium for diagnostic results.


Application examples of Touch Panels

In most areas of application there are already ready-made housings for medical devices. It must be possible to integrate the touch panels used in these housings in the openings provided, if possible without gaps or dirty edges. The housing variants Front Panel and Open Frame from Christ are particularly suitable for this purpose. The Front Panels have a narrow aluminium frame, whereas the Open Frame Panels can be inserted completely flat into the opening.


Long-term availability of medical devices

Particularly important for the use of touch panels in medical devices is the long-term availability of the components. Many devices are on the market for many years. Therefore, it must be ensured that the individual components of the panels are also available over this period. By using industrial components, Christ can ensure this long-term availability.


Operation with gloves

Another important aspect is the operation of the displays with gloves. The use of gloves is standard in medicine and laboratories. In order to avoid problems during operation, which under certain circumstances can have serious consequences, the touch must be adjusted accordingly. Here the field of tension is individually adapted to the glove models used. With Christ you have an experienced partner at your side. In this way we guarantee safe operation of your medical and laboratory equipment.


Interfaces of the Touch Panels

We can also meet numerous requirements with regard to touch panel interfaces individually adapted to the respective application. Together with you, we develop the interface image that fits your application. In this way, safety requirements for the device can also be guaranteed, keyword "safety by design". To ensure that all standards and requirements for the medical device are met, a specification sheet is drawn up, on the basis of which the panel specification is then developed.




References to medical monitors and touch panels in medical technology




Medtron AG



MEDTRON AG is an internationally operating medical technology company and one of the leading European manufacturers of state-of-the-art contrast medium injectors.

Project description:
We have been working with Medtron for more than 20 years and have always supplied a product on the same basis. This has been successively expanded due to increased needs and demands.


  • We are constantly trying to improve the product and maintain compatibility with the original solution.

Special features:

  • Long-term availability of the products and delivery of similar hardware over many years.

Technical information:

  • Medical product with high demands on certifications.

Advantages of the solution:

  • High compatibility and long-term availability of the products.


Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG



For almost 30 years Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG has played an important role in the development, manufacture and integration of products, 
which advance biomedical research and enable cell and gene therapy.

Project description:
A completely new development of an OEM panel in cooperation with Miltenyi Biotec's technology. Meanwhile 2 types (1x HMI-L and 1x HMI-M) are used. The solution is painted in special colors, matching the instrument. The panel contains numerous technical features, such as NFC, webcam, etc.


  • Development of an OEM panel according to customer specifications in different versions.
  • Adaptation to the instrument housing via a rotary wheel

Special features:

  • Holistic cooperation, starting with the specification sheet, through prototypes to the current series delivery

Technical information:

  • The complex performance range of the medical device was implemented by the OEM panel






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