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Customised Touch Panel development without compromises | Christ ES

OEM touch panel development for your perfect solution

When developing a new machine or plant, are you looking for a suitable touch panel for industrial machine operation? We are your partner if the HMI of your existing machines has been discontinued and you are looking for an equivalent replacement.

Even with increasing design demands on the panel for machine operation, we will work out a suitable facelift with you.

We support you in the conception, development and production of exactly the touch panel solution that meets your requirements. Due to our many years of experience in various industries, we know what is important. You can relax and concentrate on your core business, we provide your machines with the right "face" for the user and thus support the unique user experience they associate with your machines.

Project development at eye level

At the beginning we listen to you and ask the right questions to get to know your requirements as precisely as possible. We maintain partnerships at eye level and advise you on the latest technologies, create initial concepts and thus work out the best solution for you. If required, we can use this as a basis for drawing up a specification sheet that includes all specifications. This gives you a precise overview of the end product and lets you know where the journey is headed before you have to set high development costs.

Transparency is particularly important for us throughout the entire project process. We would be happy to present your offer to you via a web meeting. In this way, any questions that may arise can be clarified quickly. Even during the project, target-performance analyses of the current project status are carried out and compared with the project goals. Once the goals have been reached, the next development step is taken.

Security for your solution

On the basis of your requirements, first construction drawings, calculations and layouts of the new touch panel are created. When all details have been approved by you, we will build a first prototype of the later device suitable for series production. This is then put through its paces by us and the requirements are verified. The extent of the prototype test depends on the degree of innovation and complexity of the OEM touch panel. All optimisations and improvements are documented and implemented accordingly.

In order to ensure smooth processes for later series production, we produce a pre-series with a small number of pieces in the next step. In this way, we validate the processes under real conditions and you benefit from a fast production flow in the series through defined workflows and optimised material planning.

The pre-series also serves to ensure smooth production and fault-free operation of the HMI on your machine or device. Based on your experience, final changes are made to your touch panel. Afterwards your individual touch panel is ready for series production.


You can concentrate on your core competences during the project, we take over the development of the HMI. Through defined and documented processes according to ISO 9001 we ensure a smooth project flow from development to production. Our experienced engineers know the different product requirements, e.g. for medical technology or industry. During product development, we take all relevant standards and legal requirements into account. Should you require appropriate certification for your products, we will also support you in this respect.

For short coordination channels, we define a project manager in each project who is your direct contact person. A regular exchange both internally and with you ensures a continuous flow of information. If necessary, this allows us to intervene quickly in the project.

For a complete solution we support you both in the development of the mechanics and the corresponding software. Whether embedded software or a complete visualisation. Your advantage is a solution from one source. All components are optimally coordinated. The development areas for hardware and software are located under one roof, which allows a high degree of flexibility and short coordination and decision paths.

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OEM Touch Panel development

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