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Embedded Software for Linux and Windows | Christ Es

Embedded software: suitable image and optimally configured BIOS for your application

We support you with the smooth implementation of the touch panels in your machines and thus enable a fast commissioning by our pre-integrated operating systems and driver applications. Thus, you do not have to create complex Board Support Packages (BSPs). If required, we develop both the embedded software and the corresponding application software.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Smooth implementation of the touch panels in your machines
  • Quick commissioning
  • Adapted images for Windows and Linux as well as optimal BIOS settings
  • Installed master image on delivery if required
  • 100% endurance and stress testing for all devices

Our pre-built Windows images, as well as tested and hardened Linux base images can be customized by us according to your specifications. The corresponding drivers are adapted by us to the different CPU platforms to ensure smooth functionality.

If you have a master image for your touch panels, we already play it up in the production process and test it in the test bay to ensure that all interfaces are addressed correctly. These endurance and stress tests are performed as standard on all panels before they are shipped. We have developed our own test tools to test the functionality of the boards, as well as special test images (Smart Production Images, Mini Images) that test the basic functionality of the panels. This way, errors can be detected and eliminated already during production.

Our portfolio of services for image customization for Windows and Linux include:

  • Automatic operator login
  • Setting up partitions
  • Setting the display language
  • Setting static IP addresses
  • Installing UWF filters for Windows
  • Installation of a USB blocker
  • Installation of a custom wallpaper
Embedded Software development

Image customization for web panels

For our web panels we offer our own tool for image customization, the webconfig was developed by us and gives you the possibility to configure many parameters yourself. The webconfig is installed on our web panels by default and makes the configuration particularly easy.

BIOS setup for smooth communication

We are also happy to take over the individual adjustment of the firmware of the CPU, the so-called BIOS setup, for you. Through the correct tuning of the individual settings, all components can communicate with each other without errors.

Our service portfolio for BIOS customization includes:
  • Default and special settings
  • Security settings
  • Customization of the BIOS boot logo
  • Allocation of a BIOS password
  • Parameterization of RAID
  • Network settings
  • Configuration of various BIOS parameters

With our many years of experience, we optimally match all components to each other and thus shorten the commissioning time.

Detailed information about our embedded software services

We will be happy to advise you without obligation

Optimally customized images and BIOS configurations

Shorten startup time with optimally configured touch panels.

If you have any questions about this service, please fill out the form. We will contact you as soon as possible and advise you without obligation.

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Embedded software are applications that have been programmed specifically for hardware. Mostly the user does not notice anything of this software.

The goal is always a safe functionality of the devices by optimal implementation of device drivers and software.

In addition, an optimally tuned embedded software also serves to increase the device performance.

We support you in the smooth implementation of your touch panels in your machines, both in terms of hardware and software. For this we install the operating system adapted to your requirements and adjust the BIOS to your needs. In doing so, we offer you both ready-made Windows 10 IoT images or hardened Linux base images.

We can implement specific login scenarios for your users, e.g. with specific display language and individual background image.

Furthermore, we set up partitions if required, define static IP addresses and install USB blockers if required.

The WebConfig is a tool that we have developed ourselves for image customization of our web panels. With the help of WebConfig you can set numerous parameters yourself, such as network settings, display settings or login settings.

We adapt the firmware of the installed CPUs for you in the form of a BIOS setup. With the right settings we optimize the communication between all components.

Depending on your requirements we can adjust the settings according to your specifications. Thereby we consider security settings, boot logos, password assignment for the BIOS login and numerous other points. If required, we will be happy to advise you personally about all the possibilities.

We offer both Windows and Linux as operating systems. For Windows applications, we use the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC version with long-term support. For Linux variants we use Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, also with long-term support.