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Touch Industrial PLC series - connection of panel PC and controller

We at Christ are particularly good at developing and producing touch panel solutions. Through our many years of experience, we optimally coordinate all components for smooth operation . Due to the high quality of the materials and components used, our panels are ideally suited for demanding industrial requirements.

Up to now, the modular panels were mainly used for machine operation and monitoring. As a soft PLC, the Touch Industrial PLC series will in future combine all the advantages of the new touch panel generation with control functionality. A separate PLC in the control cabinet is no longer necessary. By using CODESYS you get a real-time capable Soft PLC based on a powerful i.MX8 M processor. We are happy to support you with your PLC project.

With our solution, you save space in the control cabinet and, above all, cash!

We at Christ Electronic Systems develop and produce all touch panel solutions in-house. You receive a device "made in Germany"! For your planning security we guarantee long-term availability of the components.

What PLC HMI is available:

Front Panel CODESYS

Front Panel CODESYS

Here you can find all information about our Front Panel Base Devices. All information about our control solution can be found on this site.



Here you can find all information about our VESA Panel Base Devices. All information about our control solution can be found on this site.

VESA Automation Panel CODESYS

VESA Automation Panel CODESYS

Here you can find all information about our VESA Automation Panel base units. All information about our control solution can be found on this site.

Modular PLC Touch Panel

By using CODESYS Soft PLC as automation software, you remain manufacturer-independent. With Christ CODESYS HMI Panel you are particularly flexible.

Our touch panels have a particularly modular design. This gives you the opportunity to configure an optimal solution for your automation case. Choose from different product variants:

  • Front panel for installation in control cabinet or control panel
  • VESA for mounting on support arms
  • VESA automation with an additional pushbutton bar for even more operating options
  • Open Frame for flush mounting in control cabinet or control panel

Download here all relevant information.

Technical characteristics of the panel PLC:

All PLC panels use CODESYS version V3 as automation software. All programming is done with the CODESYS Soft PLC runtime system according to the IEC 61131-3 standard. So you get a PLC operating panel with which you can control, visualize and communicate.

CODESYS as control software offers the advantage that existing applications can be easily transferred to the new control panel.


For use depending on the license:

  • CODESYS WebVisu
  • CODESYS TargetVisu
  • CODESYS WebVisu & CODESYS TargetVisu
  • The EtherCAT and Modbus-TCP fieldbus licenses are included with all variants

As operating system we use an embedded Linux distribution with real-time patch. This way we ensure a real-time capable and smooth operation.

For configuration and commissioning of the operating panel, a configuration interface, our self-developed WebConfig is available. With this configuration tool you can easily change device settings such as time, IP address, etc.. You can access the WebConfig operating screen via a separate button on the back of the PLC operating panel or via hidden buttons each time the device is started.

Advantages of the Touch PLC series at a glance:

Cost optimization through integration of the CODESYS control in the touch panel

Making optimum use of limited space in the control cabinet

Numerous display diagonals from 7 to 24 inches

Individual configuration through interface extensions and memory upgrades

Development and production in Germany

NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) for storing persistent data

CODESYS Support directly from the manufacturer

SPS panel series can be combined with the entire Christ touch panel portfolio

Touch panel controls can be read directly into the controller (no wiring required)

SPS Panel Variants

Overview of the PLC display properties:

  • Display diagonals from 7-24 inches
  • From 13.3 inches also available as Full HD
  • Resolution from 800 x 480 to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • LED Lifetime 50.000 h

System features of the Touch PLC series:

  • CPU: NXP® i.MX 8M Plus QuadCore (1.35 GHz or 1.8 GHz; license dependent)
  • NVRAM: 128 kB
  • RTC: RV-8803-C7 (±3 ppm)
  • RAM: 1 GB DDR4
  • Primary Mass Storage: eMMC, 8 GB
  • USB 3.0 Host: 2 (Type A, bottom)
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000-BaseT: 2 (RJ45)
  • Ambient Temperature: 0 to 50°C
  • Cooling: Passive (fanless)
  • IP Class: IP65 Front / IP20 Rear
  • Power: 24 VDC ± 30%
  • Reset Button: Yes (bottom)
  • Run/Stop Switch: Yes (bottom)
  • Run/Stop LED: Yes (Bicolor-LED, bottom)
  • Service Button: Yes (bottom)
  • Power/Error/User LED: Yes (RGB-LED, bottom)

The NVRAM used ensures that sensitive data is and remains stored even in the event of a possible voltage loss. The use of a mini UPS ensures data storage. In addition, the memory is extremely durable and designed for a very wide temperature range (-20 to 100°C).

The buffering of the internally installed RTC ensures an ideal service life of over 10 years, without the need to replace batteries.

The buttons of the VESA Automation Touch Panel variant are directly connected to the board and can thus be read by the CODESYS software. This also allows special functions to be assigned to the buttons or the LEDS to be configured. The signaling contact for the emergency stop is also connected to the PLC via the CPU. Thus it can be evaluated in the control program whether the emergency stop has been pressed. The two further NC contacts are led out on a Phoenix plug.

Overview of expansion options:

That you can optimally adapt the PLC operating panel to your requirements, we offer you numerous expansion options:

  • Memory expansion 2 GB DDR4 and 16 GB eMMC
  • Another USB 2.0 interface
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet
  • CAN
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • SD-Card Slot
  • Extension with digital inputs and outputs
  • IP-Protection Extension: IP65 rear

The following fieldbus technologies are supported by the Touch PLC series:

EtherNet/IP Scanner
Modbus TCP Modbus Serial

Many fieldbus technologies are already supported in the standard scope of delivery.

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