Web Panel with integrated WebConfig for fast network integration

Web Panel for web-based visualizations

Whether it is a web panel for an existing machine or a new development. Easy integration into the complete system is always particularly important. In this context, aspects such as interfaces and performance must be taken into account. If the touch panel for web visualizations does not immediately meet all requirements, we can jointly adapt it to your specific application.

The powerful programmable logic controllers (PLCs) increasingly output their control states via web-based visualizations. With the help of web panels as HMI, the machine operator can access the data and intervene accordingly if necessary. With our web panel, we provide the global HTML5 standard and offer you particularly great flexibility in use with this universal communication. The platform independence enables you to connect programmable logic controllers or IPC-based controllers to our Web Panel.

WebPanel with WebConfig

Individual web panel solutions thanks to modular system

With our touch panels for web visualization, you are particularly flexible when it comes to hardware. You can choose from our numerous touch panel variants the panel that best suits your machine or system. The modular system allows you to configure the power and memory you need. This gives you particularly high scalability and modularity even in standard device versions.

We only use components for our web panels that are suitable for industrial applications. This makes the panels particularly robust. In addition, all parts are available for the long term, which offers you high planning reliability.

Advantages of the Web Panel:

  • High-quality design in various housing designs
  • Capacitive multitouch with glass front
  • Alignment in portrait and landscape orientation
  • Flexible configuration
  • Customizable
  • Long-term component availability
  • High planning reliability
  • Rugged aluminum enclosures for industrial use
  • Various sizes from 7 to 24 inches
  • Scalable computing power
  • Hardware-based software customization and image matching

Web panels are particularly flexible

All enclosure variants are basically possible for use as web panels. In addition, all variants are multitouch capable and have a glass front that is easy to clean. You can flexibly choose from 7 to 24" for the display diagonals.

Depending on how powerful the web panel needs to be, we offer x86 or ARM architectures. By default, either Intel® Celeron® N3350, NXP® i.MX6 CPUs or NXP® i.MX 8M Plus QuadCore are installed in our web panels. As operating system we use Linux distributions. Depending on the processor architecture, we use a Yocto or Debian distribution.

Thanks to numerous interfaces such as USB or Ethernet connection, the devices can be optimally integrated into your machines and systems. The aluminum housing is particularly robust and thus ideally suited for industrial applications. Protection classes up to IP65 make use possible even in demanding environments.

Web Panel with WebConfig system overview

Web Panel with integrated WebConfig

Your solution for web-based visualizations

Web Panel with Webconfig

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The network integration and configuration should be as simple as possible?

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Easy configuration with WebConfig

By default, all web panels have the "WebConfig" configuration tool installed. The tool enables uncomplicated setting and integration, e.g. configuration of the network, display properties, loading page logo, etc. Through the API interface, the WebConfig communicates directly with the Web Panel and outputs changes to the basic settings.

Advantages of WebConfig:

  • Quick integration of the web panel into the network, even without programming knowledge
  • Integrated API interface
  • Web Panel and WebConfig as a resilient overall solution for your web-based machine control
  • Reliable overall system due to coordinated components
  • Integration of the Web Panel is independent of the control manufacturer
  • Save time during configuration by remote access to the WebConfig

Overview of WebConfig functions:

  • General settings
  • Network settings
  • Display settings
  • Configuration of the Web App
  • Definition of the start page of the web panel
  • Loading page settings, e.g. CI customization
  • Login settings
  • System status display about current workload
  • Updates
  • Configuration via API interface
  • Setting changes via remote access
  • License information
  • Restarting or shutting down the system

Access to the WebConfig

Normally, the respective customer website is displayed in kiosk mode after startup. By executing a certain key combination on the web panel, WebConfig is accessed directly during the boot process. After entering the password, the login page takes the user to the various configuration web pages within WebConfig. With the help of these sub-pages, important settings can be made comfortably and quickly, without any programming knowledge.

Configuration through own web development

If the configuration is to run via your own web development, this is also possible. The changes can be checked via the OpenAPI interface.

All settings in WebConfig can also be adjusted via an external device PC. All that is required is the corresponding IP address.

The web panels support the web visualization of manufacturer-independent controllers. For this purpose, the data is collected via an HTML5 web server, processed with the help of the visualization e.g. Codesys and displayed.

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