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Touch Panel Repair

For us, long-term partnerships mean that we support our customers over the entire life cycle of the Touch Panels and IPCs. Even after the purchase it is a matter of course for us to offer you the fastest and most uncomplicated support possible for all your questions.

Quick help in case of service

Despite the highest quality standards and extensive functional tests of all our products, damage or failure of a wearing part can always occur in the daily use of our equipment.

We know that the failure of a machine in production costs a lot of money. That is why we process complaints as quickly as possible. You can send the device to us without prior notice. The only important thing is to fill out the RMS form and attach it to the touch panel or IPC so that our service department can start the repair quickly. When the device has arrived at our premises, it goes through a defined process which clearly documents all procedures and makes the current status comprehensible. As soon as we have registered your panel or IPC in our system, you will receive a confirmation of receipt so that you too can get a precise overview.

Procedure of the RMS process

Touch Panel RMS Process

The serial number on each device allows us to find out whether it is a warranty case. If your device is within this period, the fault is documented in our system and repaired directly. After passing the function and endurance test, your product will be sent back to you as soon as possible in order to keep downtimes as short as possible.

Outside the warranty period, we test the device and prepare a cost estimate based on the results. In doing so, we also point out optional offers, such as the replacement of the frame if there is any damage. After your approval we need on average 3-5 working days to repair your device. After a successful inspection and an endurance test, you will receive it back.

Due to our short processing periods we can return the original device to you faster than a replacement device can be assembled, because we do not keep stock of our touch panels and IPCs, but manufacture them to order.

If the repair has to be carried out at particularly short notice, we can also carry it out on site at your customer's premises. We are at your disposal for all questions. If required, remote maintenance can also be carried out via a video switch. Our goal is to support our customers quickly and without complications.

For us, the complete life cycle of a device means production, after-sales service and professional disposal at the end of life. It is important for you that you do not incur any costs for disposal.

Do you have questions about technical support or need repairs?

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