Christ Electronic Systems – Vision, Values & Compliance

Our Vision

The Christ vision "Living the future together with joy" is our goal: Experienced, by people, for people. The Christ Group vision is built on our corporate values. It drives us all to become better. The vision expresses what we and our employees stand for in the future and where we want to develop in the long term.

Christ Electronic Systems Vision
Christ Electronic Systems values

Our values

Our employees form the foundation of our company. Each individual shapes the company with his or her personal commitment and contributes directly to its success.

We stand for extremely high flexibility, towards our customers and in our products. We ensure the high flexibility of our products by manufacturing everything ourselves wherever possible.

We use modern technologies as well as robust and durable components to guarantee our customers long-term planning security.

To ensure the high quality of our products, development and production work closely together. In all our activities we pay attention to the safety of our employees and products, to sustainability and environmental protection, to energy efficiency and reduction of our CO2 emissions.

Cooperation between employees and customers is based on partnership at eye level. Our goal is to build long-term relationships based on trust, with a focus on open exchange.


As part of the Christ Group, we are committed to complying with applicable laws and guidelines in accordance with generally accepted ethical standards. The goal is to prevent damage and accidents, to ensure high quality and to protect the environment. Situations in which the integrity of our employees is called into question are thus prevented and independent action is made possible.

Our objective:

  • Safety and protection for people and the environment
  • Respectful and fair dealings with each other
  • Honesty with business partners and third parties
  • Protection of company property
  • Appropriate handling of information and data
Christ Electronic Systems Compliance

Compliance guidelines from Christ Electronic Systems