Modular Systems

Our products are characterised by a high level of integral modularity.

Our unique strength lies in the maximum scalability and customisability of our products; you put together your own touch panel from our large portfolio of individual components. This means that even standard products can be adapted to individual customer requirements through the appropriate combination of different housing shapes, display sizes, architectures and numerous add-ons and upgrades.


As a result, many solutions can be implemented without expensive development costs. We would be happy to introduce you to our extensive catalogue of components in person.


If the selection from our modular panel kit does not fully meet your requirements, we can also develop a completely customised design with appropriate system integration. Just send us an enquiry.


We support you throughout the entire project. When developing customer-specific products, we define your requirements precisely at the beginning of the process, which enables us to create a corresponding design or function concept. The final design is developed using draft designs, principal designs and functional models, taking all of the relevant ergonomic factors into account.


A detailed specification document defines the framework data that provides the basis for hardware and software development as well as the technical specifications for the design.

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Modularity and scalability for individual touch panel solutions

Adapt the touch panel solution to your individual requirements.

Choose from numerous display sizes, housing variants and performance classes.

Do you have any questions about the optimum combination of your touch panel solution?

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


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