EMC test and absorber chamber

Ever more technical products are now transmitting and receiving electromagnetic data, which can impair the operation of other technical equipment. EMC testing ensures that a product is not affected by environmental interference or other electrical equipment.


In our EMC laboratory, we can help you prepare for EMC tests to prove the CE conformity of your products. The lab is equipped with a test station for immunity to interference and an absorber chamber. Although we are not a certified test laboratory, we can use our calibrated measuring and testing tools to produce reliable answers to various questions in relation to basic protection requirements.

Test station for immunity to interference

The test station is equipped with an ESD gun and an interference generator.


The following standards can be tested at the test station:

EN 61000-4-5 (Testing and measurement techniques - Surge immunity test),

EN 61000-4-4 (Testing and measurement techniques - Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test),

EN 61000-4-11 (Testing and measurement techniques - Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests)

EN 61000-4-2 (Testing and measurement techniques - Electrostatic discharge immunity test, 8 kV contact/15 kV air discharge).


If required, we can provide you with specialist support from an electrical engineer.

Absorber chamber

The semi-absorber chamber is equipped with a signal analyser, a turntable for up to 500 kg and various antennas.


This equipment can be used, for example, to test the interference field strength (<1 GHz at a distance of 10 m), to test disturbance voltage in accordance with DIN EN 55032 or to test wireless interference field strength.


If required, we can provide you with specialist support from an electrical engineer.

Test system for conducted immunity


With this system we can verify the basic standard IEC61000-4-6, which ensures immunity to conducted disturbances induced by high-frequency fields. If required, we can provide you with professional support in the form of an electrical engineer.


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