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Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for industrial Touch Panel solutions

Here we introduce Windows 10 as a successor solution for the discontinued Windows 7 version. Here we highlight the features of the operating system and what advantages it offers, especially for enterprises.

Use of Windows 10 in industry

Support for Windows 7 has already been discontinued in 2020. There are no more security updates for the operating system. In addition, updates and technical support have been discontinued. However, this operating system was used frequently, especially in industrial applications. Although there is a paid option to get support until 2023. However, this is expensive and does not close the security gap. The successor is Windows 10 IoT.

Definition of different Windows 10 variants

Windows 10 comes in different versions designed for different uses. There are versions for panel PCs, for mobile devices and for small devices. The version that plays a central role for touch panel PCs in industry is Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Besides that, there are 2 other industry versions: Windows IoT Mobile and Windows IoT Core.

Windows 10 IoT

Windows IoT Mobile for wearable devices

The Windows IoT Mobile version is intended for wearable devices. What makes this version special is that there is no user interface, only a Modern Shell. It is built on the tile layout, analogous to smartphones or tablets. Lockdown features have been integrated here for security.

Free version for Raspberry Pi

The Windows 10 IoT Core variant is a compact version for small devices that use Raspberry Pi, for example. The operating system is completely free

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise version

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is a full Windows 10 version designed for industrial applications and embedded systems. It has the complete system scope, like the consumer version of the operating system. In addition, the lockdown features have been expanded.

Overview of service offerings for businesses

Windows 10 also has different service levels designed for different versions. Especially for companies, it is important that updates are error-free and not too frequent, so as not to disrupt smooth operations.

What do LTSB and LTSC mean?

The LTSB and LTSC editions, respectively, receive five years of regular support and another five years of extended support as part of the Fixed Lifecycle. For the current LTSC edition, regular support ends on January 9, 2024, and extended support ends on January 9, 2029.

With the Windows IoT Enterprise 2016 release, Microsoft offered an LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch). With Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019, that changed to LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel). With LTSB, upgrades were made available every 2 to 3 years with features that had already been extensively tested. Security updates were installed on an ongoing basis. With LTSC, these functions remain, but some features are still being added, such as revised and supplemented security features.

Other support variants

Windows IoT Enterprise Current Branch: here new features are downloaded and installed automatically. On average, 2 to 4 updates are installed per year.

Windows Current Branch for Business: updates are applied 4 months later in this version. Bugs and security gaps have already been eliminated here.

SAC (Semi Annual Channel): here feature updates are available 2 times a year. This version provides support for 18 to 30 months.

Operating system security: lockdown features

The security aspect in the industry is becoming an increasingly important issue. Sensitive data must be protected from external attacks at all costs. For this reason, Windows 10 IoT offers security features and lockdown capabilities from potential threats.

In addition to Defender for defense and detection of malware, there is Device Guard. It ensures that only software approved by the company runs on the touch panels and industrial PCs. These so-called Lockdown features include the Keyboard and USB Filter, Write Filter and the AppLocker.

Windows 10 IoT advantages

  • For Windows 10 IoT 2019 LTSC, there are no version updates throughout the support period, the version remains unaffected. Compatibility issues are thus avoided
  • Devices will still remain up to date security-wised
  • Windows 10 supports Universal Apps. Apps work on different devices because they are built on the same libraries. This drastically reduces the development effort.
  • Simplified maintenance and integration into corporate networks, more flexible assignment of rights and resources to individual users
  • Improved touch support
  • Easy networking of devices on the network or in the cloud

Windows 10 IoT compatible hardware from Christ

Touch panel PCs and industrial computers from Christ are rugged and reliable. They support Windows 10 IoT with powerful CPUs. Perfectly designed for industrial applications. The advantage of Christ's touch panels and IPCs is the extensive configuration options. We offer the right configuration for your application as well.

Here you can find our touch panel and IPC solutions that support Windows 10 IoT Enterprise:

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