Reference Report

MES Terminals for Vorwerk


Touch Panel for production control systems

Christ Electronic Systems and Vorwerk

"We achieve transparency and data accessibility like never before with Christ. After our collective experience with Christ's Panels and services, I can definitely recommend the Touch Panels for MES systems."

says Dr. Björn Krückhans Project Manager Smart Manufacturing Process Manager Production

Vorwerk relies on innovative and powerful technology in all areas. For continuous process optimization, the company was looking for future-proof MES Terminals.

Future-proof MES Terminals

Vorwerk wanted to create completely new standards for information systems at MES workstations. To achieve this, the company was looking for a Terminal that would set a higher standard for MES workstations and fit in perfectly with Smart Manufacturing 4.0.

In the end, the decision was positive for Christ. Manufacturing Execution has been running at Vorwerk via touch since then. This ensures easier and more efficient navigation to all the information required from production. More than 400 MES Terminals in use worldwide prove the decision right. Read in the success story which advantages Vorwerk sees by using Christ MES Terminals and why they decided in favor of the Allgäu-based company.

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