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Reference Report Trumpf Start Posts

Reference Report

Touch panels for modern machine operation

Touch Panel for operator stations

Christ Electronic Systems und TRUMPF

„Christ's prototype had inspired my colleagues to think our concept further and to explore completely new possibilities of operation.“

says Holger Ulbrich Responsible for the module at TRUMPF, Ditzingen

The renowned high-tech company TRUMPF is aiming to modernize the operating station in the rear machine area, also known as the "start posts".

For this purpose, an innovative Touch Panel is to be integrated instead of the previous multitude of keys. TRUMPF commissioned Christ Electronic Systems with the development of hardware and software as well as the production of prototypes, pre-series and series units. Christ supplied the complete head unit to TRUMPF in series quality and with a pre-installed basic image.

A well thought-out modular solution without compromising on user-friendliness

Using a diverse modular system for operating variants, a comprehensive set of specifications for the hardware and software was created in order to control the equipment using individually adapted operating apps. Operation takes place via a freely configurable Web User Interface (Web UI), the design of which is based on the proven main operating consoles of TRUMPF machines. The number of physical buttons was deliberately kept low, with only absolutely necessary buttons such as the classic emergency stop button and the enable button for 2-hand control being permanently integrated.

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