Reference Report

High Performance Touch Panel from Christ provide technology for real-time image processing Vision Line from Trumpf



Successful partnership since 2014

Christ Electronic Systems and Trumpf

"With Christ, we were able to successfully bring our image processing solution into series production in the required quality and quantity. The compact panels with their high-quality manufactured aluminum housings fit perfectly with Trumpf's strong appearance."

says Mr. Thieringer, Head of Software Development at Trumpf Laser, Schramberg.

When the real-time VisionLine machine vision system went into production, Trumpf - the world's leading provider of highly integrated laser manufacturing solutions - switched to Christ's touch panels.

The decisive factors were the know-how and flexibility of the HMI specialist, as well as the robustness and acceptance of the panels in rough industrial use.

The touch panels must perform high-performance computing and ensure real-time image processing. The cooperation between the two companies has been developing for years. In the meantime, all development departments of Trumpf in Germany and Switzerland work together with Christ.

Panels in marking systems

The touch panel PC is used to control cameras in Trumpf marking systems, which can be located directly behind the scanner lens or mounted on the side. With the Autofocus function, the panel calculates the optimum working distance - with an accuracy of between ±50 and ±150 μm. This alone greatly reduces setup times and fixture requirements. "Medical components, for example, can be marked immediately like bulk material - without the need for complex fixtures," shares Mr. Thieringer. The traceability function recognizes the previously applied component code, ensuring that the code is later readable and correct.

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