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Robust Industrial Panel PC solutions for machines and systems | Christ ES

Industrial Panel PC and HMI Touch Panel from Christ: robust solutions for machines and plants

Industrial PCs can be designed as panel PCs, or also called touch panel PCs. In this case, the PC and display are housed in the same enclosure. By combining the industrial PC and the touch display, panel PCs require significantly less space.

We offer different touch panel variants. This gives you particularly high flexibility for your specific application. They meet all industrial requirements for protection, performance and interfaces.

Learn more about our new touch panel generation Next Level VESA

New Touch Panel Generation Industrial VESA

The new touch panel generation Industrial VESA combines functionality with new design. Configure the touch panel solution that best fits your application. Combine the appropriate display size with the corresponding performance and the necessary memory. This way you get your very individual VESA touch panel.

Discover now: the new touch panel generation Next Level VESA Automation

New Touch Panel Generation Industrial VESA Automation

With the new VESA Automation HMI touch panel, machine operation reaches a new level. You benefit from extremely high modularity, numerous display sizes and a modern look. The integrated button bar expands the operating options of your machines and systems. Here you will find all important technical information!

The New Generation of Built-in Panels

New Touch Panel Generation Industrial Front Panel

Our new touch panel generation also offers a solution for built-in panels. With the Next Level Front Panel solution, we offer you numerous configuration options. The modular construction system allows you a particularly high degree of individuality in terms of performance and size. Here you will find all important information!

Open Frame Panel

Open Frame Panel

The Open Frame Touch Display is ideally suited for flat and flush installation without an annoying dirty edge.

Automation Hygienic Touch Panel

Automation Hygienic Touch Panel

HMI solution for machine operation with push buttons in stainless steel. Perfect for use in hygienically demanding areas such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Front Panel Hygienic

Front Panel Hygienic

Hygienically adapted panel solution for front installation for use in hygienic areas.

Automotive Touch Panel

Automotive Touch Panel

Particularly robust touch panel for use in mobile machines.

Application areas for touchscreen panel

Since the areas of application for panel PCs are very different, there are numerous variants of industrial touchscreen PCs. Possible industries include mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and food, as well as in the automotive sector, e.g. for agricultural machinery or mobile machinery. Different industries have different requirements for touch panels.

In pharmaceutical and food applications, hygiene is a crucial factor. The panel PCs must be easy to clean. In addition, the use of harsh cleaning agents must not be a problem. Christ has developed its own product line for pharmaceutical and food applications here. They meet all the requirements of the EHEDG. The touch panel housing is made entirely of stainless steel. For safe production, the special seals are designed in blue.

Device variants for different requirements

Basically, 2 variants can be distinguished: Touch panels for installation and panel PCs for mounting. The housings are different for both. The housing for mounting should be completely closed (depending on the application). In the case of the built-in devices, the rear side may be less protected, since it is not freely accessible.

Mounting on support arm or recessed solution.

A distinction is made between industrial panels for mounting arm installation and installation in control cabinets or control panels. Christ offers durable and reliable solutions for all application areas. So-called VESA panel PCs can be mounted on support arms or pedestals. In addition, there are industrial touches with integrated buttons that can also be mounted on support arms or pedestals using the VESA mount provided as standard. Mounting using Icotek or a 48-pipe adapter is possible to ensure a high degree of flexibility.

For installation, we have front panel or so-called open frame solutions. These can be integrated flush with the surface in recesses provided. Front panels are inserted into the opening from the front and are protected from mechanical influences by a narrow aluminum frame.

Display diagonals and resolutions

Once it is clear which mounting solution is the right one, it is also still important to define the size of the display. For built-in devices, the size depends on the space provided for it. In applications for machine operation, e.g. as HMI, larger display diagonals are often used. For us, it is always particularly important to offer our customers as much flexibility as possible. For this reason, we offer a whole range of display diagonals. The different aspect ratios also result in different resolutions. In the past, mainly normal screen formats (e.g. 4:3) were used. The trend is now also moving towards widescreen formats (e.g. 16:9 with 1920 x 1080 pixels) with full HD resolution.

IP protection classes

Another important aspect when choosing the right industrial touch panel variant is the protection class. Depending on the environment, the technical components must be more or less protected. Does the panel PC come into contact with water, oil or similar liquids. Is there a high dirt or dust load? There are different protection classes for this. So-called IP classes. The following protection classes are common, especially for industrial applications:

Protection class IP20:

This protection class prevents objects with a diameter of ≥ 12.5 mm from entering the interior of the devices. It does not provide protection against the ingress of water. We use this protection class for our built-in panels. By mounting in control cabinets or operator panels, the industrial PCs with touch screen display are protected against environmental influences.

Protection class IP65

Touch panels with IP65 protection are dust-tight and protected against water jets from any angle. This makes them ready for use even in demanding industrial environments. Our panel PCs are IP65 protected on the front as standard in the panel mount solution. Our panels for mounting are IP65 protected at the front. By using a rear cover extension, the protection class for the rear can easily be extended to IP65 as well.

Protection class IP69

IP69 protection is often used in pharmaceutical and food applications. Due to the high hygiene requirements in these industries, the touchscreens must withstand aggressive cleaning agents. In addition, the use of high-pressure cleaners must also have no effect on the panels. Our Hygienic Reine touch panel PCs meet the requirements for IP69 protection.

Modularity and long-term availability for industrial panel PC

For smooth operation of machines and systems, a flawlessly functioning industrial touch PC is particularly important. However, this only works if both hardware and software are optimally matched to each other. To ensure that the machines can be used for many years, we only use industrial-grade components for our HMI (Human Machine Interface). The advantage of this is that they are available for a long period of time. Reliability is particularly important in production. A machine breakdown costs hard cash. That is why our panel PCs are designed for 24 x 7 use and are maintenance-free.

Software and hardware perfectly matched

As a developer and manufacturer, we know our component very well. For this reason, we can also coordinate software services, such as BIOS or image adjustments, particularly well.

Operating systems for industrial touch panels

Our panel PCs support operating systems that are suitable for industrial use. In the past, panel PC with Windows 7 was used. Due to the end of the service period, Windows 10 is now used for industrial touch panel. In addition, our touch panel computers are also available with Linux operating systems (Linux Ubuntu).

Scope of services for embedded software

The software images can be adapted to your requirements in the scope of functions: e.g. drivers, write protection or installed programs. In addition, we optimize system stability and boot time for your panel PCs and offer the "autorun" option with automatic application start if required.

Customized performance for your application

Every machine and every system is different and has different requirements for the applications that run on it. To ensure that the panel PC delivers exactly the performance needed for the application in question, numerous factors must be taken into account in advance. Should only information be displayed on the industrial panel, or is the industrial touch PC used for machine operation? Is a browser application to be run on the touch screen or is it to be used for sophisticated visualizations? The choice of the respective CPU depends on these considerations.

We offer the following CPU variants for your industrial touch panel PC:

  • Intel® Celeron™ N3350 1.1 GHz
  • Intel® Celeron™ 3965U 2.2 GHz
  • Intel® Core™ i3-7100U 2.4 GHz
  • Intel® Core™ i5-7300U 2.6 GHz
  • Intel® Core™ i7-7600U 2.8 GHz

Due to the high modularity of our touch panel solutions, we can support you optimally. Configure your HMI (Human Machine Interface) in terms of screen size and the PC exactly according to your requirements to power and performance. Our new panel PC generation fits visually appealing into your machine and plant design.

Partnerships at eye level

Christ's philosophy is partnerships at eye level. To this end, we maintain a close exchange with our customers. Together, we find exactly the Industrial Panel PC solution that meets your requirements. With the help of a specification sheet, we define exactly which technical and mechanical properties the panel must fulfill. Together with our development and production, you receive industrial PCs "made in Germany". Your advantage: You have a direct contact for all questions concerning the Industrial Panel PC. Everything under one roof means short distances and barrier-free communication. This enables smooth projects.

Benefit from over 25 years of experience in the development and production of Industrial Panel PC. The rugged components enable use in harsh industrial environments. Long-term availability of parts ensure planning reliability.

Christ offers you individually configurable Industrial Panel PC solutions with scalable performance.

You can get the HMI in the following device versions:

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Touch Panel new generation

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