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Christ IIoT solutions

With our IIoT solutions we network your smart machines and plants with each other and enable communication between them. This provides relevant data and solves problems autonomously.

The industrial Internet of Things is a building block for the digitalisation of production and the path to Industry 4.0. If the collected process data is correctly evaluated, numerous optimisation possibilities open up for your machines and plants. In the long term you can save resources and increase the efficiency of your customers' production, e.g. through predictive maintenance. You can also optimise your services for your customers or develop new offers for remote maintenance via secure SSH or VNC communication. With the information from the data, you can adapt your machines even better to customer requirements and generate competitive advantages.

IIoT product variants

In order to be able to respond particularly flexibly to your needs, we have developed variously extensive package variants. From pure hardware, a IIoT Gateway, to a complete solution with cloud connection. Here you will find exactly the IIoT solution that suits your requirements. We guarantee you transparency throughout the entire project and fair billing models.

Your independence is of great concern to us, so the responsibility for the cloud is yours. We will support you in all the set-up modalities and train you in how to use it correctly. Depending on the solution variant, you will receive extensive support from us in the development and implementation. You decide how much help you need here.

Proof of Concept

IIoT Proof of concept

A clearly defined introductory project will give you a reliable overview of the possible applications of our IIoT solutions.

Blue Box Cloud

IIoT gateway with cloud connection

Our complete package of hardware and software solutions. Perfectly matched components ensure smooth operation in your IIoT application.

Blue Box Secure

IIoT gateway with security element

An open system gateway solution that meets all security-relevant requirements. You can implement the connection to your cloud solution yourself.

Blue Box IIoT Gateway

IIoT Gateway

For companies looking for a pure hardware solution with an integrated security element, we offer our IIoT Gateway.

IIoT Starter kit

IIoT Starter kit

First steps into digitization made easy. Evaluate data in 15 minutes with the IIoT Starter Kit.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Time and cost savings through targeted support in software development
  • Individually configurable dashboards guarantee the presentation of the required data
  • Optimally coordinated software and hardware





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Industrial IoT solutions from Christ - according to your requirements

We offer the right IIoT solution for every application.

High flexibility and scalability also characterise this product division.

If required, we will work with you to develop the IIoT solution that is perfectly suited to your application.

Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.

Our services for your added value

Optimum evaluations of relevant machine data enable individual services tailored to your customers. Create special added value in this way.

As a system provider, we understand IIoT as a complete system and offer a functional, tested solution, from the hardware interface to data processing and evaluation. By combining two systems from one company, the initial implementation can be carried out much more quickly. If required, we will accompany you from the first steps to the commissioning.

With our package variants we offer flexible solutions for different requirements in the field of Industrial IoT, from a pure IIoT Gateway to a complete system. Start your IIoT project now and benefit from a solution with the highest safety precautions and convenient operation that is tailored to your needs.

Complete solution: IIoT Gateway Blue Box and connection between machine and Christ Cloud

The connecting element between the smart machine and data evaluation is the IIoT Gateway, which enables edge computing. Here your process data is collected, processed and sent to the cloud. Data aggregation in the gateway is particularly important to ensure a fast database even with large amounts of data. If a connection is lost, the data is stored in our gateway until it can be sent again. In this way we ensure that no data is lost.

In the Christ Cloud your data is processed and visualised with container applications in Kubernetes. With the help of dashboards, which we adapt to your requirements, the processed data is displayed in a graphically clear way. For particularly high flexibility, the output device can be chosen at will, whether PC, Smart Phone or Tablet.re services for your added value

Technical characteristics of IIoT solutions

Blue Box Blue Box Secure Blue Box Secure with Christ Cloud
Suitable for industrial continuous operation x x x
Stable Linux Debian operating system x x x
Embedded Secure Element x x x
Optional connectivity (4G/5G, WiFi and Bluetooth) x x x
2x Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0, microUSB, RS232/485, 9x IOs x x x
Remote Update Client x x
Safe boot process (HAB) x x
Encrypted file system x x
Docker-based Edge Computing x x
Regular security updates x x
Monthly CVE reporting x x
Securely provisioned edge gateways x x
Password-free configuration via Smartphone and SmartCard x x
Continuous Integration and Development Pipelines x x
Managed PKI-solution x x
Fully customized edge-agent and cloud provider x
Driver for converting various protocols x
Customized web visualization and dashboards x
Fieldbus connection OPC-UA, Profinet, etc. x
Remote control for subordinate devices (VNC/SSH) x
Condition monitoring and predic tive maintenance x
Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) x
Mobile Apps for companies x