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IIoT gateway with intergrated Secure Element | Christ ES


Blue Box Secure - Secure IIoT solution with connection to your cloud

The Blue Box Secure product variant is characterised by a personalised, container-based Linux operating system. This offers highest protection at the vulnerable point between the machine and the external network. Through regular security updates, we meet the highest standards of data protection and data security.

For secure identification and authentication, completely without passwords, we provide you with YubiKeys or corresponding certificates. The customer allocation, administration and updating of the Blue Box Secure devices is done via an administration portal.

The gateway can be used regardless of the manufacturer. The stored information is forwarded to your cloud for data evaluation. This allows you to design visualisations and evaluations according to your own specifications.

IIoT Blue Box Secure

Technical product advantages

  • IIoT Gateway for continuous industrial operation
  • Stable Linux Debian operating system
  • Secured data storage, release only to authorised persons (Secure Element), secured identity by initial insertion of the key pair into the hardware based Secure Element
  • Optional connectivity: access to Blue Box via Wifi, mobile phone (4G/5G), Bluetooth
  • 2x Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0, microUSB, RS232/485, 9x IOs
  • Remote updates via the Remote Update Client
  • Secure boot process (sealed manufacturer code)
  • Encrypted file system, only readable via predetermined accesses
  • Resource-saving decentralised data processing through container technology (Docker-based edge computing)
  • Regular security updates on 4 different levels (security patches, OS packages, applications via docker, full image update with fallback function)
  • Monthly CVE Reporting
  • Secured connection between Edge Gateway and update environment
  • Managed PKI, password-free configuration via smartphone and smart card using digital certificates
  • Continuous development of software components (Continuous Integration and Development Pipelines)




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Blue Box Secure