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Proof of Concept - the perfect start for your IIoT project

The Proof of concept solution is your entry into Industrial IoT if you want to collect and evaluate your machine data. We are your reliable partner, even if you are just starting out. We will go this way together with you and support you. We will help you to gain initial experience and adapt the solution to your exact requirements. Here it makes sense to start on a small scale first and thus develop a solid basis.


At the beginning of the project we will work out in a joint workshop which data and information are relevant for you and what can be implemented in the first step. You know your machines best, we know how these data can be processed most effectively. This provides the basis for your first field tests.

Adapt the Blue Box to your needs

When all points have been clarified and we know what information you need for your first evaluation, our software specialists configure the Blue Box accordingly. In this way, you receive exactly the information you need. We accompany you in partnership, so you receive a secure and scalable overall solution. Your advantage is complete transparency. There are no hidden costs and you will receive exactly what was worked out in the workshop.


We use our Blue Box as the link between your machines and the cloud. It collects the data from previously defined sensors and then sends it packed to your test access in the Azure Cloud. We guarantee data security through the integrated secure element and password-free access using certificates.

In the cloud, the data is evaluated according to your specifications and displayed in clearly arranged dashboards that can be viewed on various end devices. In this way you have access to your machine data from anywhere.

IIoT Proof of Concept

Proof of Concpet

Your safe start in your IIoT project

You are looking for a resilient basis for your way into digitisation ?

You are on the safe side with our scalable Proof of Concept solution.

We support you from the first steps to implementation.

Send us an inquiry - we will be happy to advise you.

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Scope of proof of concept solution

  • Azure Cloud Test Account in the Christ Cloud environment
  • 1x Blue Box Secure (24 months)
  • Display of information via a dashboard
  • Including 25 hours support and connection of the specified data points

Your advantages

  • We support you in the first steps of your IIoT project
  • Test our system thoroughly
  • Full transparency - no hidden costs
  • Scalable entry-level solution

Technical product advantages

  • IIoT Gateway is suitable for continuous industrial operation
  • Stable Linux Debian operating system
  • Secured data storage, release only to authorised persons (Secure Element), secured identity by initial insertion of the key pair into the hardware based Secure Element
  • Optional connectivity: access to Blue Box via Wifi, mobile phone (4G/5G), Bluetooth
  • 2x Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0, microUSB, RS232/485, 9x IOs
  • Remote updates via the Remote Update Client
  • Secure boot process (sealed manufacturer code)
  • Encrypted file system, only readable via predetermined accesses
  • Resource-saving decentralised data processing through container technology (Docker-based edge computing)
  • Regular security updates on 4 different levels (security patches, OS packages, applications via docker, full image update with fallback function)
  • Monthly vulnerability report (CVE Reporting)
  • Secured connection between Edge Gateway and Exceet environment
  • Managed PKI, password-free configuration via smartphone and smart card using digital certificates
  • Continuous development of software components (Continuous Integration and Development Pipelines)


IIoT Proof of Concept