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Quick entry into IIoT | Christ ES

IIoT Starter Kit - Analyze data in just 15 minutes

First steps into digitization made easy with the IIoT Starter Kit

The IIoT Starter Kit helps machine and plant builders take their first steps towards the IIoT. You don't have to invest in expensive system solutions right away. With our IIoT Starter Kit, you can validate your individual requirements on a small scale. You don't have to be an expert in IIoT for this.Our test package is suitable for beginners and advanced users with its scope of services and its ease of use at the same time.

IIoT Starter Kit System Scope:

  • Free trial system that you can use for 30 days
  • Complete package: IIoT gateway, cable, sensor, cloud access, configured software
  • Different test scenarios available for beginners and IIoT experts
  • Quick and straightforward entry into the world of IIoT
  • Evaluation of data via a dashboard

Technical features of the IIoT gateway:

  • Linux Debian operating system
  • 2x Ethernet
  • 2x USB Host 2.0, 1x USB Device 2.0
  • 1x microUSB
  • 1x RS232/485
  • 9x IOs, 2x SMA Connector, 6x Status LEDs

Your benefits of the IIoT Starter Kit:

  • Time saving
  • Plug and Play - get started with no configuration required (ready to use in 15 minutes)
  • No hidden costs
  • Free trial period
  • User-friendly operation for beginners and advanced users, extensive configuration options can be used if required
  • Data analysis via included standard sources or your data sources
  • Individually customizable dashboard for optimal data analysis
  • You get a deep insight into our IIoT expertise without obligation
IIoT Starter Kit Overview

See for yourself - request a test package now:

If you would like to get an idea of our IIoT Starter Kit yourself, order your personal test package. The package includes time-limited access to the portal in the cloud, an IIoT gateway, a sensor, cables and mounting materials, as well as instructions.

IIoT Starter Kit Configuration Cockpit
IIoT Starter Kit Plugin

IIoT Starter Kit

Get your test package

IIoT Starter Kit

Evaluate initial data within 15 minutes. Get a comprehensive insight into the performance spectrum of our IIoT solutions.

If you still have questions about the scope of services of the IIoT Starter Kit, we will be happy to get in touch with you.

We look forward to your inquiry! Start your way into digitization now with the IIoT Starter Kit!

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Data evaluation and simple configuration

Using the included sensor, you can document and analyze values such as temperature, humidity, brightness or acceleration via Bluetooth. The OPCUA simulation server provided in the package scope alternatively delivers simulated machine data. As a further option, you can connect your own OPCUA server to the gateway and define individual measured values.

With the help of Node-RED, you can adapt the data evaluation flows as needed or create completely new flows.

You can customize the gateway's device configuration using the Cockpit open source tool. Here you can also check the device status.

An additional plugin monitors the connection status to the included IIoT components. You can see data changes in real time via a local dashboard. Using the plugin, you can reset the box to factory settings with just one click.

You are also welcome to contact our expert directly:

Your direct contact:

Technical Sales

Christian Schieß

Master of Science

+49 8331 8371 124


Christian Schieß

The IIoT Starter Kit offers the following application possibilities:

  • Quick Start: in only 15 minutes you can evaluate the first data
  • Create your individual dashboard with just a few clicks
  • Modify the program code, e.g. to change the data processing
  • Set the server from simulation to your own OPCUA server. Read out your own variables and display the results in the cloud

Quick Start Guide IIoT Starter Kit

Quick Start Guide IIoT Starter Kit Download Quick Start Guide now

Bugs in the cockpit interface

Fehler Cockpit Oberfläche IIoT Starter Kit Download manual now

Error connection OPCUA Simulator

Fehler OPCUA Simulator IIoT Starter Kit Download manual now

Change OPCUA server

Wechsel OPCUA Server IIoT Starter Kit Download manual now

Dashboard creation

Erzeugung Dashboard IIoT Starter Kit Download manual now