What are IP protection classes?

There are various protection classes for electrical devices to ensure safe operation. One of these is the protection classes. This refers to the suitability of the electronic equipment for different environmental conditions.

Touch panels and industrial PCs in particular are often used in demanding environmental conditions. Here it is important that the panel PCs and industrial computers are protected against the ingress of dirt, dust and water. With the help of the IP classes, these requirements can be clearly classified.

What is the difference between protection type and protection class?

While the protection classes define the degree of protection against contact, foreign bodies, water and mechanical stress, the protection class describes the measures that protect against voltages that are dangerous to the touch.

How is an IP protection class structured?

The specification of the IP protection class is made up of various elements. IP stands for "International Protection" or "Ingress Protection", for example. The following 2 code numbers indicate the respective scope of protection. These are based on different standards. Mainly 2 standards are concerned, the ISO 20653 for water protection tests and the DIN EN 60529 for dust protection tests. The first code number basically indicates the protection against foreign bodies and contact.

Here is an overview of the meaning of the first IP code number

  • 0 = No protection against foreign bodies/no protection against touchingg
  • 1 = Protected against solid foreign bodies ≥ 50 mm / Protected against access with the back of the hand
  • 2 =Protected against solid foreign bodies with diameter ≥12.5 mm / Protected against finger access
  • 3 = Protected against solid foreign bodies with diameter ≥ 2.5 mm / Protected against access with a tool
  • 4 = Protected against solid foreign bodies with diameter ≥ 1.0 mm / Protected against access with a wire
  • 5K/5 = Protected against dust in harmful quantity / full protection against contact
  • 6K/6 = Dustproof / full protection against contact

The second code number indicates how high the protection of the panel or IPC is against water.

Overview of the second IP code

  • 0 = no protection
  • 1 = Protection against dripping water
  • 2 =Protection against falling dripping water when the housing is tilted up to 15°
  • 3 = Protection against falling spray up to 60°against the vertical
  • 4 = Protection against splashing water from all sides
  • 4K = Protection against splashing water on all sides with increased pressure
  • 5 = Protection against water jets (nozzle) from any angle
  • 6 =Protection against strong water jets
  • 6K = Protection against strong jets of water under increased pressure, specific for road vehicles
  • 7 =Protection against temporary immersion
  • 8 = Protection against permanent submersion. Unless otherwise specified, there is a protection up to 1 meter water depth. Other water depths must be specified or agreed separately.
  • 9 = Protection against water during high pressure / steam jet cleaning especially agriculture
  • 9K = Protection against water during high pressure/steam jet cleaning, specific to road vehicles

The right protection class for industrial touch panels or box PCs

Depending on how demanding the environmental conditions are in which the touch panel PCs, touch monitors or industrial PCs are used, the higher the protection class must be selected.

Industrial PC IP20

What does IP20 mean?

An electrical device with protection class IP20 has protection against contact with solid foreign bodies larger than 12 mm (live components cannot be touched with a finger). These devices are not protected against water.

For example, when using industrial computers in control cabinets, the IP20 protection class is usually completely sufficient. The control cabinet provides optimum protection for the box PCs against harmful environmental influences.

Industrial Touch Panel PC IP65

What does IP65 mean?

All touch panels from Christ are equipped with at least IP65 protection at the front. This means the industrial touch PCs have complete protection against contact. No dust can penetrate and they are protected against water jets from any direction.

Industrial Touch Panel PC IP65

Where is IP69 protection used?

Christ Hygienic Automation Touch Panel are equipped with IP69 protection class. These Topuch panels are used in food or pharmaceutical applications. Here hygiene plays a particularly important role. For this reason, stainless steel touch panels are mostly used. These are particularly resistant to aggressive cleaning agents. They can even withstand the use of high-pressure cleaners.

Do you have further questions about our IP protection classes or our touch panel and industrial PC solutions? We will be happy to help you.