Agile software development

Projects always develop and evolve as they progress. This means that targets set at the start of the project may no longer apply at a later date, or the requirements of the project may change. The problem with the waterfall model of development is that any shift in the objective is perceptible only once the system has already been implemented.


At Christ, we pursue an iterative development approach in close cooperation with our customers, which enables us to react competently and promptly to changes. This is because goals and requirements for software systems develop during implementation and change and become more concrete as time goes on.


For us, agile software development is the key to defining requirements with ever-greater precision together with our customers, to develop a product that perfectly meets the customer's individual requirements.


Throughout the development process, our customers are kept informed of the current project status. Regular project reviews mean that we can adjust plans at any point.


We are particularly passionate about supporting our customers throughout the entire development process. However, we are also happy to cover only specific areas, such as the creation of a user analysis or a requirements profile.


Our goal is to develop functional software solutions that place users - and their tasks, objectives and characteristics - at the centre. With a user-friendly tool at their disposal, users are able to perform their tasks in the most efficient way. Usability that is tailored to the customer's individual requirements ensures smooth processes, minimises disruptions and saves the company money.


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User Centered Design


At Christ, we plan software solutions in a four-phase system.


Analysis phase

At this stage, we determine a precise profile of the future users of the solution. Through comprehensive information gathering, we can develop an application that places usability at the centre. Based on detailed information about the users, their requirements, behaviour and tasks, we define—to the highest possible level of precision—a target group, or so-called 'personas'.

Requirements profile

In the next step, a requirements profile is created based on the personas that were precisely outlined at the information gathering stage. The resulting detailed specification of requirements provides a precise representation of the tasks that the software must perform.


During the development phase, an initial variant of the software solution is created. Depending on the project, this may be a fairly sophisticated piece of software, or a click prototype used to test all relevant functions. During development, we take into account all the details that are relevant for convenient use. We program the software itself on a platform-independent basis.


Once the concept and test version of the software has been approved, a field test is performed. To obtain meaningful results, this test should be conducted with actual users. After the evaluation, the software is adjusted and tested again. This sequence is repeated until the result meets the requirements to a satisfactory standard.





Your Benefits

  • We view ourselves as a solution provider
  • Tailor-made development based on your requirements
  • Licence-free software solutions
  • We prevent dependencies by handing over the source code
  • Benefit from fair invoicing and low hourly rates
  • Invoicing takes place alongside development sprints
  • There is no long-term commitment and you can decide whether you want to continue after each development sprint
  • Agile software development
  • Know-how transfer
  • We attach great importance to a high level of transparency in our activities
  • We guarantee highly measurable results
  • You get exactly what you need; no more and no less


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