Christ IIoT Blue Box

Machine networking and data collection can provide long-term competitive advantages for machine and plant constructors. 

By evaluating relevant machine data in the most effective way possible, you can provide individual services tailored to your customers. Add value for your customers with Christ's Blue Box. 

Our three package variants offer flexible solutions for the most wide-ranging requirements, from a simple IIoT gateway to an all-inclusive package. Start your IIoT project now and benefit from a solution that offers the highest standards of security and easy operation. 

If needed, we will support you from the initial steps through to first commissioning.

Blue Box Secure with Christ Cloud connection

Fast and secure — complete solution for your IIoT project

To get your IIoT project off the ground quickly and easily, we offer a complete package with full support through the initial steps. Regular, targeted security updates ensure that your device meets the latest security requirements.

The use of container technology makes the system is modular and expandable, with individual processes isolated from one another. Using the standard IIoT Config, it is easy and convenient to configure the basic settings. To help you access the relevant data evaluations, you can structure your own dashboard applications in a clear and easy-to-use way.

Access your data from anywhere. All evaluations can be displayed on various output devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

If required, the IIoT gateways can also be equipped with mobile radiocommunication technology.

Blue Box Secure

Secure IIoT solution that connects to your cloud

Countless companies already store data in the cloud. If you want to use an existing cloud for your IIoT project, it's easy with Christ's Blue Box.

We offer a secure IIoT gateway with a secure element that you can easily connect to your cloud. The IIoT Config allows you to quickly and easily configure the basic settings according to your requirements.

Automatic security updates keep your data protected at all times. This package also benefits from the latest container technology.

Blue Box

IIoT Gateway

Hardware-only variant, for companies that require only an IIoT gateway. The Blue Box can be connected independently of the manufacturer.

All software-side adjustments can be carried out at the customer, e.g. the use of the update mechanism for a permanently secure Linux environment.


Technical Details


  Blue Box Blue Box Secure Blue Box Secure mit Christ Cloud
Suitable for continuous industrial operation x x x
Stable Linux Debian operating system x x x
Embedded Secure Element x x x
Optional connectivity (4G/5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) x x x
2x Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0, microUSB, RS232/485, 9x IOs x x x
Remote Update Client   x x
Safe boot procedure (HAB)   x x
Encrypted file system   x x
Docker-based edge computing   x x
Regular security updates   x x
Monthly CVE reporting   x x
Securely provisioned edge gateways   x x
Password-free configuration via smartphone and SmartCard   x x
Continuous integration and development pipelines   x x
Managed PKI-LösungManaged PKI solution   x x
Fully customised edge agent and cloud provider     x
Driver for converting different protocols     x
Customised web visualisation and dashboards     x
Fieldbus connection OPC-UA, Profinet, etc.     x
Remote control for child devices (VNC/SSH)     x
Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance     x
Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML)     x
Mobile apps for business     x


Christ IIoT Blue Box

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