Automotive Touch Panel: Solutions for mobile machines and agricultural machinery



Automotive Monitor for vehicle control with HMIs in special vehicles

Digital networking does not stop in industrial applications, but is also increasingly providing higher performance in mobile machinery. No matter whether rollers, construction machinery or agricultural machinery, operation is becoming more complex and more modern. For this reason, more and more touch panels are being used. They form the interface between the machine operator and the machine itself. In this way, sensors for environment monitoring are visualized and assistance functions can be used.


Monitor for agricultural and working machines

The user-centered workplace design of the driver is becoming increasingly important. With the help of an attractive and functional touch panel, complex operating procedures are simplified and intuitive machine control is made possible.


Especially robust automotive touch panel 

The working machines are often used in rough terrain. The touch panels must be able to withstand extreme environmental influences. A robust design without disturbing moving parts is particularly important here and, in addition to the use of industrial components, ensures a long service life of the devices.



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Hamm AG



HAMM AG is a developer and manufacturer of road rollers for asphalt and earthworks.

Project description:
Hamm and Christ Electronic Systems GmbH have been working together since 2003. During this time, several customer-specific projects have been implemented. The 3000 series instrument panel project has been running since 2007.


  • Automotive-compliant assembly of PCB assemblies.
  • Painting of assemblies to withstand weather-related environmental conditions.
  • Long-term availability.
  • Procurement of AECQ elements, some of which have an extremely long lead time.


  • Installed as a central element in the cockpit area of a road roller.

Technical information:

  • HAMM completed the development work.
  • Production at series level and with consistent quality in short-term delivery intervals.

Solution benefits:

  • Long-term availability.
  • Robustness.
  • Consistent quality.





Agrifac Machinery B.V.



AGRIFAC MACHINERY B.V. produces sprayers and beet harvesters. The company's machines are designed to exceed customer requirements. As a result, the company is a world leader in technology and innovation.

Project description:
We developed a special HMI solution for the agricultural machinery produced by Agrifac; the solution is designed to operate reliably even in the toughest conditions. The solution is available in two different performance classes, depending on software requirements.


  • Integration of displays suited for use in daylight
  • Reliable operation over a wide temperature range
  • Special requirements in the automotive environment


  • The Christ panels satisfy the demanding requirements specific to agricultural equipment.

Solution benefits:

  • The integration of numerous sensors and cameras via a display removed the need for elements on the hardware side.
  • The field of view for the operator is a particularly user-friendly benefit.
  • The operating options were reduced and simplified.






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