Automation Hygienic

The Automation Hygienic housing variant is a visually appealing stainless steel panel with integrated buttons designed for use in areas with demanding hygiene standards, such as the food industry and pharmaceutical production. The completely closed panel can be attached either using a VESA mount or on customer-specific support arm systems.


The touch panel is completely IP69 protected and complies with all EHEDG and FDA specifications. The design is well thought out, without joints or edges and with hygienic screws to facilitate cleaning. The chamfered, smooth surfaces and rounded edges of the Automation Hygienic panel allow liquids to flow away freely and prevent dirt and bacteria deposits. This touch panel is available in display sizes of 18.5'', 21.5'' and 23.8''.


In addition, the panel uses food-grade sealings as standard, which are exceptionally durable and designed to withstand the challenging conditions of the pharmaceutical and food industries. To meet the stringent safety requirements of food production, the panel has an integrated protective foil as standard, which prevents splinters from potentially entering the food in the event of glass breakage.


See Modular systems for information on the individual monitor, SMART monitor or PC configuration levels. Here, you can individually configure your desired performance level depending on your application.



Touch-it Automation Hygienic glass



Automation Hygienic glass

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