The Automation glass panel was developed for applications where the touch function alone is not sufficient. The Automation glass touch panel is a machine control panel with a standard VESA mount for support arm attachment and with both touch and push buttons for operation.


The display is IP65 protected and can thus also be used in harsh industrial environments.


The touch area and button field are designed to eliminate superfluous dirt-collecting edges. Depending on the size of the display, between six and eight buttons can be integrated as signal lamps or control buttons. An emergency stop is provided as standard.


An RFID reader, a key-operated switch or an IP65-protected front USB interface with protective cap can also be integrated. All buttons can be freely assigned and are either wired directly or connected to the central control via a system such as EtherCAT.


The robust design of the panels makes them suitable for use in harsh environments such as industry, mechanical engineering and plant construction, as well as medical technology settings.


The modular configuration of the panel can be found under Modular systems. Here, you can decide whether the Automation panel is to be used as a monitor, SMART monitor or as a PC.




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