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Our products are characterised by a high level of integral modularity.

Our unique strength lies in the maximum scalability and customisability of our products; you put together your own touch panel from our large portfolio of individual components. This means that even standard products can be adapted to individual customer requirements through the appropriate combination of different housing shapes, display sizes, architectures and numerous add-ons and upgrades.


As a result, many solutions can be implemented without expensive development costs. We would be happy to introduce you to our extensive catalogue of components in person.


If the selection from our modular panel kit does not fully meet your requirements, we can also develop a completely customised design with appropriate system integration. Just send us an enquiry.


We support you throughout the entire project. When developing customer-specific products, we define your requirements precisely at the beginning of the process, which enables us to create a corresponding design or function concept. The final design is developed using draft designs, principal designs and functional models, taking all of the relevant ergonomic factors into account.


A detailed specification document defines the framework data that provides the basis for hardware and software development as well as the technical specifications for the design.

PC solutions — microprocessor architectures

With our box PCs and the PC version of our touch panels, you can choose between two different microprocessor technologies: Our powerful XELO series with a x86-based CPU, or the ARM architecture of our CE range for less demanding applications.


SMART Distance Link

For particularly large installations, it is helpful if the box PC and the operating monitor can be positioned further apart. This is exactly why we developed our extender solution with transmitter and SMART monitor.  The system is based on the TCP/IP standard, which makes it easy to integrate into existing communication networks.


The extender can be used to bridge distances of up to 100 m between the industrial PC and monitor. The SMART monitors can display video, touch and USB signals that are transmitted via a standard Ethernet cable. All housing variants of the touch panel series can also be used as SMART monitors. All SMART monitors can be operated via PoE as a one-wire solution.

Another advantage is the parallel operation of several monitors (1:5 operation) simultaneously via one PC. With the help of an extender and an additional switch, up to five SMART monitors can be operated simultaneously. Again, the components can be located up to 100 metres apart using an Ethernet cable.

The transmitters are equipped with a 24-VDC Phoenix interface, as well as two USB host 2.0 connections. A 1-Gbit Ethernet interface is provided for transmission.

For detailed information on our housings, see Housing versions.

If you would like to use your own monitors, we also offer a SMART C-Link bundle comprised of a transmitter and receiver. This enables the receiver to be connected directly to any standard monitor.

SMART Distance Monitor 1:1 Solution

SMART Distance Monitor 1:5 Solution

Touch Monitors

Touch monitors are ideal for HMI solutions. The non-intelligent screens can be used to display operating data.


Diagonal measurement and resolution

Our numerous display sizes cover a wide range of applications.


From small 7'' displays up to 23.8'' models, we offer various sizes and resolutions.


Here is an overview of our panel sizes:

DisplayAspect ratio


Our strength lies in the development and manufacture of devices that meet the requirements of our customers as precisely as possible. To achieve this vision, we rely on a close, trusting partnership between us and our customers — because this is the only way we can truly understand your needs.


For solutions developed from scratch, we support our customers from the concept phase through to production, and follow up with corresponding services at the culmination of the process. We can take special housing features into account, as well as customer-specific board architectures.

To ensure that the OEM devices satisfy all the required parameters, they undergo a comprehensive prototype and test phase. In addition, EMC testing—and climate testing if required—is carried out in house.

We would be happy to help you with your specific request.

Modular Systems Overview

Integrated UPS — the invisible helper

Our integrated UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is installed inconspicuously in the existing housing. Through its usable energy storage of 400 J, the Christ UPS provides a bridging period of up to 30 seconds to ensure a controlled shutdown in the event of a power loss affecting the computer. This prevents data loss in the event of a voltage drop.


If required, the solution can also be expanded with external energy modules and can be used with surrounding temperatures of up to 50°C.

With up to 500,000 charging cycles, the maintenance-free supercaps are perfect for use in 24/7 constant operation.

Function overview UPS


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