Touch panel housing variants

With Christ solutions, you can put together your own HMI devices and touch panel PCs to suit your requirements using our modular construction kit.


Our housing variants—which can be expanded depending on the application—form the starting point for your solution. Anything is possible: from a monitor or SMART monitor solution for remote applications to a powerful industrial PC. If you want to boost the intelligence of your touch panels at a later stage then this, too, is easily achieved: The internal components can be changed while the external housing remains the same. This modular structure ensures that you benefit from maximum flexibility and scalability.


Create your own individual touch panel; see Modular systems for full details.

Front Panel Hygienic - Installation panel for hygienic requirements


The front panel in hygienic design is perfect for use in hygienically demanding environments such as the food or pharmaceutical industry. The IP69 panel is protected by the design and use of special seals.


VESA panel for support arm mounting

Our VESA housing is ideal for applications where the touch panel is to be mounted separately on a support arm or supporting foot.


Automation panel for machine control

The Automation glass panel is the ideal solution for machine operation if the touch panel alone does not meet your needs.


Automation Hygienic for food and pharma

The Automation Hygienic is designed to satisfy the demanding hygiene standards of the pharmaceutical and food sectors. The housing design takes all relevant hygiene aspects into account.

Automotive for mobile working machines

The Automotive panel is ideal for use in mobile working machines. We have tailored it to the particularly harsh surrounding conditions of this environment.

Front panel for front installation with aluminium frame

Front panels are suitable for front installation in a switchgear cabinet or similar unit. Thanks to the aluminium frame, this variant is also visually appealing.


Open frame for flush mounting

The open frame touch panel is designed for front installation. As it does not have an aluminium frame, the panel can be fully inserted into the relevant opening.


Box PCs  for industrial environments

In addition to our touch panels, we also offer a closed housing variant for industrial PCs. Ideal for continuous use in demanding industrial surroundings.


Embedded kit for integration into the housing

Embedded kits are our entry-level models that can be easily integrated into existing housings. The kits consist of a touch panel, display and CPU board.


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