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    Loss-free data transmission up to 100 meters



SMART Distance Link Monitor for data transmission over long distances

Monitor SMART Distance Link solutions are ideally suited for data transmission over long distances of up to 100 meters. In machines and plants, the HMI operating unit and the industrial PC can be physically separated from each other. The IPC is located in the control cabinet, the industrial monitor directly at the machine.

With our many different enclosure variants, you get exactly the touch panel solution that best fits your application. You are also extremely flexible in terms of display size with diagonals of the monitor solution from 7 to 23.8 inches. We use only robust industrial components for our SMART monitors and do not use moving parts such as fans. Together with our robust housings, the touch panels are also suitable for demanding environmental conditions and meet protection class requirements up to IP65.

Lossless data transmission

A lossless data transmission between IPC and industrial monitor works up to a distance of 5 m. For larger systems, we enable you with our SMART Monitor a one-wire solution for the transmission of video, touch and USB signals up to a display size of 21.5 inches. The SMART Distance Link is based on the common TCP/IP standard and can therefore be easily integrated into existing communication networks. With the help of the extender, distances of up to 100 meters can be bridged without loss. An Ethernet cable transmits all information, as well as the power supply via PoE.

SMART Distance Link

SMART C-Link Solution

With the SMART C-Link variant, you can use manufacturer-independent monitors to display the information. The bundle consists of a transmitter and a receiver, which are connected between IPc and monitor. The SMART C-Link solution is also available as an embedded variant without housing.

SMART C-Link Monitor

Visualization on up to 5 Touch Monitors

With the SMART Monitor solution you can display the visualization of the industrial PC on up to five industrial monitors simultaneously. In addition to the extender, you also need a switch that transmits the signals via Ethernet. The transmission of button signals, e.g. when using automation industrial monitors, also takes place via the Ethernet connection.

SMART Distance Link 5 Monitors

With the SMART C-Link solution, you can display the visualization on 5 manufacturer-independent monitors. For this you need a transmitter and 5 receivers, each of which is connected in front of the monitors to receive the signals. A switch is connected between the transmitter and receiver boxes.

SMART C-Link 5 Monitors

Your Advantages

  • Lossless data transmission over long distances
  • Transmission of probe signals via USB
  • Data transmission via Ethernet
  • Different solution variants: Transmitter and receiver integrated in SMART Monitor, SMART C-Link Bundle boxed consisting of transmitter and receiver, transmitter and receiver as embedded variant
  • Use of up to 5 monitors simultaneously
  • Possibility to use manufacturer-independent monitors

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SMART Distance Link Monitors

Reliable data transmission even on large machines and systems with our SMART Distance solutions.

Video and button signals are transmitted up to 100 meters.

VDifferent versions as transmitter and monitor, boxed or embedded solution.

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SMART Distance Link Monitor

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SMART Distance Monitor

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