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Next Level HMI
Experience the Future

We start the next level of machine operation

Christ releases a completely new generation of Touch Panels. Our Touch Panels not only break new ground optically, but are also technically ready for the future in terms of performance. We are setting a new standard in machine and system operation and combine a new look and feel with particularly high performance. Our HMIs continue to stand out for their high scalability and expandability with add-ons and upgrades. This means that in future you will continue to receive exactly the Touch Panel configuration that suits you best.

New design for HMIs

The design language of our touch panels is a visual highlight and at the same time extremely functional. It was important to us to develop a housing that prevents dirt and liquids from settling by its very construction.

With the new, modern design with bevelled surfaces and edges, we have achieved this goal. The design elements can be found in all common housing variants, such as VESA, automation or front panel.

Not only the functionality but also the appearance makes the difference. A consistent CI is becoming increasingly important. Adapt your touch panel to your design specifications. The separate back cover can be powder-coated in your company colours. In this way you too can start the next level of your machines and systems with us.

Touch Panel Gehäusevariante schräg

Automation Touch Panel in slim design

For machine operation, additional operating options such as buttons are an important extension to have additional functions available. Our housing variant Automation has been completely revised and now impresses with its slim elegance. In the new touch panel of the Automation line, especially flat keys are used. An emergency stop is integrated on the right side as standard. This makes it particularly easy to reach. Depending on the display size, up to 8 buttons can be individually assigned.

    Advantages of the new automation line:
  • Particularly flat pushbuttons
  • Individually assignable functionality
  • Integration of an RFID reader possible
  • Push-button strip can be individually designed in different colours
  • Push-button evaluation via different field buses
  • Switch replacement in the field avoids downtimes
Touch Panel Automation Seite

Touch Operation at the highest level

The extremely high sensitivity of the touch screen helps you to avoid future errors in machine operation. The calibration is so precise that machines can be operated even more safely. Missing touches are a thing of the past.

The new touch controller is also characterised by a particularly high EMC stability.

We are also breaking new ground with display diagonals. In the future, we will offer you full HD resolution from 13.3 to 24 inches throughout. For this purpose, we have introduced a new 13.3 inch diagonal, which lies between our standard sizes of 12.1 and 15 inches.

Touch Panel Bedienung

Touch Panel with compact technology

The new Touch Panel generation is based on a high flexibility in the configuration of the corresponding performance class. The entire technology is compactly integrated in the rear cover. The new housing design also considers further add-on and upgrade options. Thanks to our well thought-out housings, we can do without fans for all Touch Panel variants.


With small display diagonals, the heat that occurs is dissipated via cooling fins. This allows temperature ranges from 0 to 50 °C without any problems. Further interfaces such as Power Button or USB can be provided on the side of the rear lid.

Touch Panel Rückdeckel

Protection up to IP65

On the back of the Touch Panel the protection class can be easily increased by means of an extension. The interfaces are then completely protected against environmental influences. The cables are led directly through the extension. In this way our touch panels achieve protection classes up to IP65.

Touch Panel IP65 Deckel

Optimised assembly solution

For an all-round successful product, not only the operation is an important criterion, but also the installation. For this reason, we have developed a particularly simple solution that can be used with the IP65 cover. The touch panel is easily hooked into the provided tab and can be installed by one person. Access to the interfaces is conveniently accessible even when space is limited.

For extra high flexibility in mounting, our support arm units can be mounted using VESA 75 and VESA 100, as well as a 48 tube adapter or Icotek fittings.

Touch Panel Montagelösung

Optimised delivery times by separating display and technology

The new Touch Panels are designed to consist of two separate elements. One is the front unit with the display and the back unit with the technical components, packed in a compact back cover. Since both components can be optimally pre-produced, we can optimise delivery times.

During operation, repairs may be necessary due to damage to the display. With our solution you have the advantage that the computer with all stored data does not have to be archived, as it is preserved without loss. Only the front unit is replaced. In this way, we also reduce the downtimes.

Touch Panel Getrennte Einheiten

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